Spydercollector: Spyderco FB50 Stok Drop Point review

Spyderco released the FB50 along with the FB49 Stok Bowie, which features a saber ground bowie blade design. I’m not really a fan of the saber grind, so I immediately gravitated towards the full flat ground drop point design. The drop point design on the FB50 might ‘look’ a little different from other Spyderco Drop Point blades, such as the UK Penknife drop point or the Stretch designs. However, look twice and you’ll definitely see the resemblance. More importantly, Spyderco rarely takes on a design by looks alone, and the Stok Drop Point certainly checks that box. It’s not a ‘looker’ to most, but hold it in your hand, carry it, cut with it, and you’ll ‘see’ the appeal.

Some people complain that Spydies always look alike. This is but one example proving otherwise.

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Spyderco FB50 Stok Drop Point review