Survival Common Sense: Bark River Water Moccasin review

My most impartial knife reviewer is my wife Debbie. She is used to new knives appearing in the knife drawer and uses them as needed in the kitchen. She grabs whatever knife is handy and appears to be useful for the task at hand. It didn’t take but one use for her to latch onto the Water Moccasin.

“This is a great paring and kitchen knife,” she said. “It stays in the knife drawer.”

Most of my knife reviews start in the kitchen. My reasoning is that a useful knife is useful in a variety of situations. If the knife can handle cooking chores, it may work out well when used outside. So the Water Moccasin joins the Mountain Man, Fin and Bone, Sportsman, Petty Z, Kephart, Bird and Trout and others that are relegated to  the kitchen. I will sneak them out during deer season, but otherwise, they live on the knife rack.

I haven’t messed around with Bark River Knives much, but I recognize their passionate following, online in particular.

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Review: Bark River Water Moccasin – A multi task performer