Survival Common Sense: The L.T. Wright GNS may be your best bushcraft knife choice

L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives began when L.T. Wright and a friend began Blind Horse Knives.  A few years back, the two decided to part ways and do their own designs and manufacturing. Wright decided to design knives based on functionality, as well as good looks.

The result was some good looking knives that are designed to be used hard.

I had already checked out the L.T. Wright Genesis, a Kephart design bushcrafter. I really like it, and when the GNS (which means “Go, No Show”) came on the market I decided to add another knife to my nearly-out-of-control bushcrafter collection.

Designed by Self Reliance Illustrated, the GNS is handcrafted from O-1 Tool Steel and finished with a number of tough, durable handle materials. Large fish eye bolts and a lanyard hole compliment the tapered and contoured handle (some models feature a Bead Blasted Handle). The GNS is ground with either a Scandi Grind or a Saber Grind. The GNS comes with a handcrafted leather dangler sheath, with double stitching and a 3/8″ fire steel holder.

The GNS is one of those archetypical bushcraft knives, and one of the best knives LT has ever made.

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