Survival Common Sense: Why your kids should get involved in bushcrafting

We all know that kid. He or she just doesn’t appear to be very good at anything. He’s average or below at sports, is not a standout academician and may be mediocre at social activities. That kid is the last one picked whenever teams are being chosen.

Maybe that kid needs to try different activities, and bushcrafting may be it. Bushcrafting is an outdoor activity where people get out in nature and learn to survive and get along. Camping is existing in an outdoor environment. Bushcraft is about interacting with the outdoors in a meaningful way. The emphasis is on co-existing in a wild environment, while learning the techniques to survive.

Anyone can learn bushcrafting and/or wilderness survival skills. For some, the activity becomes life-changing.

Really well done article with plots of video embeds from Leon’s YouTube channel.

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10 reasons why your kids should get involved in bushcrafting