Survival Weekly Dispatch – Guerilla Gardening and more…

Prepper Tip – Guerilla gardening refers to growing crops in locations or using methods that keep them relatively hidden from casual observers. For example, rather than an actual garden plot in the backyard, growing tomatoes in a couple of large planters on your patio. Or perhaps making use of the vacant lot down the street and planting asparagus where it won’t be noticed.

A couple of comments posted in a group I occasionally visit online brought up a related topic, that being to pay attention to not just where you’re planting but what you’re planting. If you are concerned about having your crops eventually discovered by someone and thus being stolen from you, give thought as to what you can grow in your area that won’t be obvious as food plants.

This comes from my buddy Jim Cobb.  In addition to his writing and editing duties at Prepper Survival Guide and Backwoods Survival Guide magazines, he still finds time to put out a weekly Substack column.

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