SurvivalCommonSense: Bark River Little Creek II Review

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my wife Debbie is one of the most dispassionate knife testers I know. She doesn’t care about what the cutlery looks like – her bottom line is how well it works in the kitchen. Some knives are immediately seized for kitchen duty.

That happened with the BR Sportsman, the five-inch Kephart, the Petty Z, the improved Mountain Man, the Bird and Trout, and the Water Moccasin, among others. I get to use them during hunting and fishing seasons, but they permanently reside in the knife drawer.

“This is a nice paring knife,” she commented, upon handling the Little Creek II. “We’ve been needing a good one.”

While the Little Creek II was probably not designed to be a kitchen paring knife, Per se, it works really well for peeling apples, cutting fruit, avocados, scraping carrots, trimming fat off of meat, slicing food etc. In short, it is one of those handy knives that will be used constantly in the kitchen at home or in hunting or fishing camps.

I love his open. My wife is a great person to ask about a knife. “Dispassionate” is a great word to describe it.

Review: Bark River Little Creek II

Leon also has a video review if you prefer…