Templar Presents Their New Survival Knife at SHOT 2024

Waxahachie, Texas – Templar Knife, a trusted, leading manufacturer of quality automatic and folding knives, is proud to present their highly anticipated Survival Knife in Las Vegas at SHOT 2024. Engineered to meet the demands of the most challenging environments, this knife is a testament to rugged durability and versatile functionality.

Like all Templar products, The Survival Knife is not just a blade; it’s a versatile multi-tool designed to assist you in diverse survival situations. From cutting and chopping to fire starting and more, this knife is a true survival companion. Crafted from premium materials, the blade of this survival knife ensures maximum strength and durability. The design provides exceptional stability and strength. It’s a reliable tool that you can trust in the most demanding circumstances. The ergonomic grip is built for comfort during extended use. It ensures a secure hold, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall handling. With a built-in fire starter and an integrated glass breaker, this survival knife comes equipped with features tailored for emergency situations. It’s a must-have tool for adventurers, blade enthusiasts, and preppers alike.

“We understand the importance of having a reliable tool in survival situations, and the Survival Knife is our answer to that need,” said Templar President, Shawn Cauble. “It’s not just a knife; it’s a companion that empowers individuals to navigate and overcome the challenges that can come with the great outdoors.”

Prepare for the unexpected and equip yourself with the ultimate tool for survival. Like all Templar products, the Survival Knife is backed by the company’s ironclad warranty.

Stop by the Templar booth #41151 to get a first look at new products and to see their full line on display and for the best price available. For more information, orders, or inquiries about the all-new Survival Knife or any of their products, please contact President, Shawn Cauble at sales@templarKnife.com or visit www.templarKnife.com. To schedule an appointment at SHOT or for media inquiries, please contact Brittany Maki at bmaki@rendezvousmarketinggroup.com.

About Templar

Templar Knife is a Texas family owned and operated business committed to offering quality Knives that best serve our customers. We bring our individual skills of graphic designing, product engineering and progressive innovation to the table creating a well-run machine internally and producing a quality product. Customer service and satisfaction is top on our list. We strive to produce a knife that is durable and performs well for our customers. We are able to pass on savings through internal engineering, blueprinting, prototyping combined with outsourcing materials. Customer Service, Quality, Education and Integrity are the 4 pillars of Templar Knife.