The Knife Edge: Good Thing I have two Pockets

A couple of knives just arrived, and I admit I’ve been waiting for them.

The first is a collector’s knife from CobraTec. Their auto Trapper with a hidden bolster release has been out for a while, but they just released one with Abalone scales. The deep, iridescent color jumps out at you and draws you in. This Trapper has been upgraded from D2 to a 154 CM blade. The 3.1-inch blade is 0.11 inches thick at the spine. The blade has a high shoulder, with a saber flat grind and a saber clip point. This is one of the more useful grinds for a pocket knife.

The stainless steel clip makes the knife suitable for deep right pocket carry, but in all honesty, I don’t expect anyone to make this their EDC knife.

The knife is 0.48 inches thick (excluding the removal Clip) and weighs in at 4 ounces.

The blade is released by sliding the checked front bolster sideways. The bolster moves slightly and the knife opens. The same action unlocks the blade so you can close the knife. There are other bolster-release knives, but CobraTec claims they have applied for a patent on this mechanism.

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