The Knife Edge: Kershaw Launch 13 review

I just got my hands on Kershaw’s Launch 13. It’s a very icey knife. But then, I’ve always liked Kershaw knives.

Pete Kershaw started the company in 1979 when he left Gerber Blades. At the time, Ichiro Hattori made most of Kershaw’s knives in Japan. Constantly evolving, Kershaw has introduced many innovative knives designed by people like Ken Onion, Ernest Emerson, Frank Centofante, and Rick Hinderer, to name a few.

The internet claims Kershaw makes over a million knives a year. Impressive.

Pete retired from Kershaw on June 1, 1998, and by that time, Kershaw was connected with KAI and is now wholly owned by the KAI Group.

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