Log in not working?  We’re having website issues, click here for a way around it!

A perfect storm of website upgrades has left us with a issue where logins are not working correctly and folks being unable to purchase memberships.  We’re working diligently to get it solved.  In the meantime, there is an alternate way to log in to your account.

1) Go to:  https://knifemagazine.com/wp-admin
2) Log in with your knife magazine website user ID and password (the same ones you normally use to get in)

This will take you into the website like you would normally log in, and everything should behave normally for you from that point.

The login screen will look like this:

If you are new to our site and need to create a login, email graphics@knifemagazine and we’ll get you setup from the back side of things and get your login info to you.  Then, you’ll follow the steps above to get in.

This alternate login method will allow you to see your premium membership options, and/or purchase the online membership, back issues and books that you want.

We hope to have this problem solved in the next few days.  We’re sorry for the inconvenience.  Thanks for your patience!!!