Top 10 Reasons to Own a Buck Knife

POST FALLS, ID— Buck Knives, Inc., a global leader in the outdoor, sporting, and everyday carry (EDC) knife markets, offers more than 200 models of knives and tools for use by hunters, anglers, campers and outdoors enthusiasts in all pursuits. There are many reasons to own one—or many—of these knives, such as:

  1. Quality: Buck Knives set the knife industry’s standard in quality products that are designed to meet the many diverse demands of consumers.
  2. Easy to Purchase: Online at is a top place to shop by collections, hunting or EDC knives, and to look at the various web specials. No checkout lines!
  3. Made in the USA: Buck Knives takes pride in being America’s leader in manufacturing knives at its state-of-the-art factory in Post Falls, ID. The company sets the industry standards in materials used and craftsmanship in design, testing, and manufacturing.
  4. Backed by Experience: Buck Knives—and historic members with the family name, beginning with Hoyt Buck in Kansas— have been making knives for nearly 125 years. Experience counts!
  5. It’s Covered: Buck Knives’ famous Forever Warranty sets the standard in product protection and a solid guarantee. The knife is covered—Forever!
  6. Customize It: If you have a knife idea, or like something you saw such as a classic bone or antler handle, the Buck Knives’ Custom Knife Shop can probably build that dream knife. Check the company website at and explore the options of the knife you wish to build in the Custom Knife Shop.
  7. It’s Iconic: Buck’s 110 Folding Hunter was first crafted in 1963 when Al Buck decided that a revolutionary locking-blade knife was needed by outdoorsmen who wanted a sturdy knife but did not want to carry a long, fixed blade knife. The 110 Folding Hunter is one of the top sellers in America and one of the most recognized—and unfortunately copied—knives in the world.
  8. Heat Treating is Important: Not all knives are created equal and the Buck Knives Bos heat-treating process has been setting a high standard in knife steel heating—and cooling—since the 1970s. Paul Bos received numerous awards and industry recognition for his heat treating work and processes.
  9. Knowing the Date: You can determine when a Buck Knife was manufactured by looking at a wide range of symbols, the iconic Buck anvil logo or various dots. Full details are on the company’s website under the ABOUT category.
  10. The Selection Process Simplified: Buying a knife—or several knives—is a big decision that needs careful consideration. The company website at has a useful knife selection step-by-step process to guide buyers in this choice. Details in the section range from determining the end uses of that knife under consideration to blade steel and the materials used for handles to deciding on a folding- vs. a fixed- blade knife.

This is a press release, so it is obviously self serving, but I have been happy to see Buck trying to increase its engagement with the community, rather than just sitting back on laurels and legacy. An iconic American company that is still absolutely relevant in the modern space.

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