TTAG Review: Zero Tolerance 0006 Fixed Blade Knife

If you aren’t familiar with Oregon-based Zero Tolerance knives, I’d wager you’ve probably heard of Kershaw. The two are sister companies, both part of the Kai group. Given that the pair are headquartered just a few miles down the road from me, I’m more than familiar with them and many of their products.

The primary difference between the two brands is that while Kershaw has design and quality control here in Oregon, they use Chinese manufactured parts to keep the costs in line on their budget-based knives. Zero Tolerance on the other hand, is a no-holds-barred American-made brand, with prices that reflect the care and quality that go into the final products.

I’m not primarily a knife reviewer, and this isn’t a knife-centric website. I took the chance to review this knife because I’m tired of working with low- to mid-grade knives that just don’t hold up over time.

I imagine we will see more knife content again on TTAG, now that they closed MyTacticalEDC. I’m old enough to remember when TTAG had a fully dedicated knife site.

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Gear Review: Zero Tolerance 0006 Fixed Blade Knife