TTAG: Things that don’t suck – Spyderco Paramilitary 2 & 3

As a long term knife nerd and a writer who has covered knives for a couple of decades now, I’ve had a lot of knives in my pocket over the years. Having started that journey in the days of the slipjoint and lockback folders typically made from 1095 carbon steel, or 420HC or 440C stainless, I can easily say that we currently live in a golden age of cutlery. There were never more choices in designs, quality materials, and styles than there are today.

With so many good options available I still find myself coming back to a handful of choices when I’m just grabbing a knife to stick in my pocket for EDC use, and I‘m not working on an article. One of the blades I grab the most is a Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight.

Tim Stetzer is one of my good industry friends, and has written for a slew of publications, including KNIFE Magazine.

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Things That Don’t Suck: Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and 3 Folders