Weekend Open Thread: 6 more weeks of Memes Edition

What is happening People of the Knife? How was your week?


Ungrateful wretches.

Apparently he didn’t see his shadow. So 6 weeks till Spring.

Only a couple of more…

People get angry…

Speaking of Groundhog Day…


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A little throwback.  He was eating my garden. And I wanted to test my Arno Bernard.

Checking out the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar:

Tactical Knife Invitational Vegas

The dates on the calendar plug-in display the original year entry for some reason, it is this weekend.


Also this weekend…

Spring California Custom Knife Show


Nothing next weekend, and then Blade Show Texas…

Blade Show Texas

A few memes that are somewhat current event related…

Still plays a wicked electric banjo though.

I will tune in, because it is the last chance to watch football until fall. But I really couldn’t care less who wins.



Ok, I am out of current events. I am also pretty sure that wasn’t a groundhog.


It isn’t.

Not much of a segue, but it is time for tonight’s musical selection. I have mentioned my random fondness for surf rock, and shared The Shadows “Apache” a while back. I ended up down a rabbit hole on YouTube the other day, and found a new group that I am kinda digging – The Surfragettes…

Random, I know. But I like the retro vibe.

Knife Drawing time!

Another bad transition I know, but I am going with it.

Zach S. wins the CRKT SDN (bottom), the Tailbone already haven been given away last week.

I owe some folks some knives…between the start of lacrosse and Press Week, I have been remiss. I will ship the last 3 out this week.

For next week we have a CRKT Kavo, a Ken Steigerwalt backlock design. Usual rules apply…Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, and if you are a new commenter, you get double credit. If it is your first time commenting, yours will be held in moderation until I can approve them. After that, you are all set. Good luck everyone.

Plus, the instructions are in Swedish.

Wait. Wut?

Embrace the power of “and”

…and tell you a story about the time he spent as a Merchant Marine.

The perfect representation of parenthood.

Speaking of which…

Follow me for more childcare tips.

And more Dad Jokes…

Happy is as Happy does.

You chose poorly.

We don’t deserve dogs. Or Jack Black.

Caption the above ^^^^

Safety first.

I hate when that happens

…or when you need this.


The crossover we don’t deserve.

Kids these days don’t understand.

Ooo yea.

It was.


Fear the Karanos.

How’d they get a coconut in England?


That actually segues with this…


We have come to that point each week where I feel compelled to lay down the marker and stand with liberal democracy against islamofascist terrorism. In other words, I support Israel in its fight against Hamas.

I can’t say that anyone “learned” that the UN refugee agency is completely in bed with Hamas. It is something that is well known, but the extent became clear. UNWRA emplyees actively participated in the October 7th attacks. (read more here)


I know that this throws a wet blanket on a humor post. I am looking forward to when Israel declares victory, and I can retire this part of the post. But as I said last week, I will not abandon it.

It is a messed up world for sure.

But tacos will always be there for us.

Figure I would play y’all out with another Surfrajettes video. This time a cover of the surf rock classic “Walk don’t Run”.  Sometimes comparing a cover to the original is a good way to gauge the skill of a band. These women stack up well, especially the drummer.

Have a good one everybody.


I’ll be here.