Weekend Open Thread: A Christmas Miracle Edition

Hey Folks! Merry (almost) Christmas to y’all.

The miracle to which I refer is not the birth of the Messiah, rather the long awaited return of the Weekend Open Thread. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy a couple of extra hours each Friday evening for the last several weeks. But these posts are fun to make, and the response to them makes it more than worth it.

Our post at the top covers both of the most topical themes this week, Christmas and the Ice Planet Hoth, which most of the country is currently cosplaying.

That one really is just the set up for this next one…

I hadn’t thought much of Frozen since my kids outgrew Frozen.

It is all relative. We got down to about 6 degrees here, but that would be a normal December day back when I lived in Idaho.

In this case, the meteorologist is 100% right. Doesn’t happen often in these parts. This forecast is also correct.

It is the Christmas season, you should already have been well stocked. My buddy sent me a bottle of Whistle Pig which I am looking forward to opening on Sunday morning.

Just really cold leaves. I would much rather have some snow.

As the Norwegians say, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. I spent 20 years as a fishing guide, starting with steelhead. Bring it on.




Obviously, there are no knife shows on the calendar this weekend. Really, there is nothing on the schedule until the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show the weekend after SHOT Show. But this makes a good transition from the “Holy Crud it is cold outside” posts into Christmas ones.

Seems like the right meme to transition from Holy Crap it’s cold! to the holiday memes.


It would better if her were holding a pole instead of a sword.

Mmm. Tacos.

I’d wear it.

People expect Santa, unlike the Spanish Inquisition. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

We keep ours in the basement.

Christmas decorating can be dangerous…

How festive…

I would have said the 80s, but close enough…

I want some…

Another can-related Christmas meme…

Wasn’t me…


Christmas sale, 100% off…

Not all beards are alike…

Satan or Marx?

Do you hear this as Dylan, Guns n Roses, or other?

Finally, not a meme, but just the best dang animated show of the mid-late 90’s

Merry Christmas from Zorak. Gabba-gabba-hey-gabba-hey-click-click.

It has been a while since the last WOT, but I went back in the archive of the old site and drew Cmeat as the winner of the Gerber Downwind Ulu. I am looking forward to hearing what he thinks of it.

This week we will be putting forward a QSP as our prize. It was actually supposed to be given away in the print magazine. I emailed the potential winner several times and never heard back. So his loss is y’all’s gain.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, and if your comments don’t post right away, I will clear them from moderation as soon as I can.

Now on with the non-themed memes…

That is far and away my favorite meme of the past month.

Dude must be a vampire. Speaking of ageless…

That one is scary accurate.

I would have shared that a couple of weeks ago, had I done a WOT. Sets up this one too…

FIFA makes the International Olympic Committee look honest and above board.

The spatula has mob connections.

I guess I could have put that with the Christmas memes.

Successful Failure.

Ok, one more soccer meme, because it ties into that one…


Not much to say about that one.


If Europe hadn’t outsourced its energy policy to a Swedish teenager, we wouldn’t be in such a mess right now.

The more you know.

Getting ready for New Years be like…






That’s how I roll.
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.