Weekend Open Thread: A Cornucopia of Memes Edition

How goes it everyone? This is the last Weekend Open Thread before Thanksgiving, so theming was easy.

That’s right…

I actually chucked ours in the woods earlier this week. And I guess I am guilty of going Christmas shopping with my wife today, a couple of weeks earlier than usual because the supply chain charlie-foxtrot is real.

One of the most versatile meme templates ever.

This weekend’s big show is the New York Custom Knife Show…in Nashville, TN.

Nashville Custom Knife Show

Mark is there, and I should have tried harder to go, but I am a homebody. And the round trip Knoxville/Nashville drives sucks as a day trip with trying to cram a show as significant as NYCKS in between is a lot to bite off. I need a break. I spent the better part of last Saturday at UT Vet Hospital in a vain attempt to save my daughter’s guinea pig and dealing with the fallout resulting failure of said efforts after the poor thing passed away overnight. My daughter took it pretty hard.

RIP Toffee. I’m going to miss you little fella.

These next two memes are my daughter and son respectively…

Never come between Emery and some mashed potatoes.

I’d actually consider it a success.

Speaking of success, Mark R. wins this week’s drawing. I haven’t heard from last week’s winner David M, so I will drop him a line. Whichever one of you gets back to me first gets your choice of the Gerber knives. The last one goes to the other winner.

Thank you to Gerber for providing us with a month of giveaways. Next up is a trucker hat from Case Knives.

Usual contest rules apply. 5 comments or replies count as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I can whitelist you. From then on out your comments post immediately.

Since this is an open thread, I figure I would drop in an off topic article I found interesting. While I pray we never find ourselves in an armed conflict with China, at least some people are thinking outside the box…https://coffeeordie.com/american-privateers-china/

It is a rather tender subject…

If you got that one, chime in. Or what is not quite right with this one…

Speaking of historical events…


That is a good summation of what happened.

It is a Christmas movie, so perhaps I should have waited for next week.

Random, but mostly true. Other than the fact that a lot of the Russian velociraptors were fighting with American provided gear.

We are all Mr. Pringles. I feel his pain.

That is about it for this week. There were more I could have added, but I am getting ready to crash for the evening. There are always more memes, so we will see you next week.

Have a good one folks.