Weekend Open Thread – Snoopsgiving Eve Edition

Hey All. It is Friday, which means it is Weekend Open Thread time. It is also 4/20 Eve. We don’t normally do many cannabis-related memes, but I was at a loss for a theme and am waaay behind tonight.

We are hosting the lacrosse Play Day tomorrow, and got displaced from our usual field by an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. The problem was the field the Parks dept. is giving us at a different park was lined for boys lacrosse, not girls. So I had an unexpected couple of hours of field lining when I should have been working on the WOT. Thankfully, my daughter was off school this afternoon and able to help. Lining a field alone is a massive pain.


I am avoiding memes glorifying cannabis use, this is just not the appropriate forum.

But as I said, I needed a theme and it was easy to find a few funny memes.


The libertarian in me is against marijuana criminalization, and I support research into low-dose hallucinogens and MDMA in the treatment of PTSD. But full-scale legalization of all drugs has proven to be a severely net-negative for places that try it.

Poor guy.  What a buzzkill…

But I won’t dwell on it too much. I have a good crop of non-themed memes tonight, so I will get on with the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar, because it would be a shame to spend the whole weekend on the couch eating Doritos…

…there are knife shows to attend.

NCCA Extravaganza Knife Show

As always, we are still trying to fix the glitch that displays the date of the first show in a series. From the NCCA Website (https://ncca.info/events/…)

Also this weekend…

James Black’s Bowie Heritage Festival

I know that date is right, since Mark is there.

Next weekend are the Blade Aces Knife and Tomahawk Competition, the Solvang Custom Knife Show, and Oklahoma’s Largest Knife Show.


Tonight’s musical “guests” are one of the most underrated bands of the classic rock era – The Animals.


I love Eric Burdon’s voice. So distinctive. And the line about being dressed in rags, but wanting to wear sable one day is so wonderfully anachronistic. Would probably be “Prada” if the song were written today.

My brother sent me this picture, the comments are mine…

There are a few memes that are also somewhat current in nature.

He Knew Nothing.


Look out!


Not really a meme per se, but a valid response to people complaining that a league that has never made a profit doesn’t have enough money to pay more to The Chosen One.

Wow.  He cursed us all.

Might as well set a giant pile of money on fire.

He’d have a better chance of winning a knife.

This week we are giving away a Civivi Praxis.  Stuart B. is this week’s winner.

Next up is a CRKT Forebear by Darriel Caston. He is a nice guy and a well regarded designer whose name is becoming more widely known.

I have a mid-tech (D-Rocket Design) version of this same knife that he gave me a couple of years ago at Blade Show. I really like it and carry it when I am in dressier clothes.

It is made in China, so Hocky needs to let us know if he is interested in having his comments count as his entries. For everyone else, up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, from which I will draw a winner at random. If you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. But your comments do count double if it is your first time commenting.

Good Luck everyone.

It is out of hand.

There is nothing that bacon can’t do.

I hope that clears things up.

Wait, what?

Or it all is…

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

This is one of the all time great retorts…

Elmo is about to end up in Oscar’s landfill…


We need to up our game…

Our Robot Overlords are going to suck.

No loss.

It is a good thing, or he never would have taught Willie Nelson to play guitar.


We were built different.

And then we grew up.

Hey, she didn’t make the rules.

Good way to find yourself in this predicament…

Should have let her adopt a cat.

Please remember to tip your waitress.

Yes. Yes you are.

They are going to be sorely disappointed.

Fear the baby.

I have questions.

Pray for their soul.

Save the bees.

Consider yourself on notice.

Sod your Metric system.


The Horror.

Can even be used as salad dressing in a pinch. Or salsa.

I read that in Dan Eastland’s voice. (listen to him on the Knife Perspective Podcast)

There are not enough good Trafalgar jokes.

That escalated quickly.

He is 3/4 of the way there.

It is.

He doesn’t want anyone to scratch the paint.

Any landing you can walk away from is a good one.

It is kind of surprising that after Iran escalated things further by launching more than 100 drones and missiles at Israel, that this week’s mention of the Gaza war is more humorous than average.

PreOccupied Territory had it covered though.

Israel did respond, in a limited if significant retaliatory strike. But one must ask why Iran even cares in the first place?

It must be the fault of the Jooooos.

If you are new to the Weekend Open Thread, the reason that I have inserted this section into a humor post each week since October 7th is simple. The WOT is our most read post of the week, and I am compelled to use my platform, however limited in scope, to support our ally and the only liberal Democracy in the Middle East.  It is simple, because the enemies of Israel are seeking the literal eradication of the Jewish people. Hamas declares it in their charter, and Hamasniks in the West call for it openly in our streets. I will not be silent.

It is hard to bring things back to the brighter side of things, but the second musical number is usually a good bridge.

So once again, The Animals…

I know that the Beatles did a version of the song, though it is less know than Sam Cooke or The Animals.

That is Stuart’s worst nightmare. This is more his speed I imagine.

Meanwhile, I am over here like…

I am confused.

Probably time for bed.  I think I hear the Honeysuckle Rose on the roof.

Have a good weekend everybody.