Weekend Open Thread: Atomic Pink Edition

Hey everyone. It is “Barbenheimer” weekend, with the premiers of both movies fusing into a portmanteau double-feature. It also leads to some great memes.

How are all y’all? I’m just enjoying the final couple of weeks of summer with the kids, who go back to school an immorally early August 8th.

I am not looking forward to 6am wake ups for the next 9 months. 7:30 is so much more civilized.

Are any of you planning on seeing either of the movies? I took my son to see Dungeons and Dragons, but I think the last one before that was Knives Out. I watch a lot of old movies that I have already seen a dozen times.

Which one should you watch first?

The posters are good, but some of the best were original format.


This is my favorite…

Boom. (Literally and Figuratively)

Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love Malibu Stacey.

I won’t be watching either, though I will probably watch Oppenheimer when it comes out for free on Prime or Netflix.

They play the long game.

Having a look at the KNIFE Magazine event calendar…

AIK’s Knife Show

Coming soon…

Natural State Knife Show

Idaho Traditional and Tactical Knife Show

Also coming soon…

One last Hollywood related meme –

I am pretty ambivalent on the whole strike thing. As I general rule I pretty much despise most of what is produced these days. I don’t really have anything against private sector unions, and in the case of the AI stipulations in the dispute, I am definitely on the side of SAG-AFTRA. You can read more about it here.

For this week’s random music selection, I have been on a bit of a Surf Rock kick lately…


We are still in the process of drawing for a pair of Ocaso Strategy knives. Del and Stuart B. are our first “token holders”, with Hocky joining them this week. First one to be drawn twice gets their choice, and tokens remain in place for the remaining knife.

Usual rules apply…you get up to 5 entries per week which are your comments and replies. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I approve them. After that you will be good to go.

And with business out of the way, here are are the rest of this week’s memes…

I think that is against the Geneva Convention.

Sign me up.

Every hero needs a Goblin sidekick.

The truth hurts.

I never watched it. But I would watch the Muppet remake.

I actually replaced a GFCI outlet this week, we had a lightening strike this week fry a couple of things, but nothing important was damaged.

Old Time Hockey.

Old Time Baseball. Who is your fantasy starting lineup?

What is more terrifying than cocaine sharks?

That is not the Ewok you were looking for.

That isn’t actually a P-3 Poseidon, which hunts subs. Based off a 737-800 frame. I think that is an E-3 Sentry, which is a 707, like the KC-135 Tanker. But I could be wrong.


This one makes me hear colors.

I missed that day.

Danger Will Robinson.

Poor fella.

And every corpse on Everest was once a highly motivated individual.

Stay at home and eat ice cream.

If only.

Woah. Meta.

Well played.

Kill it with fire.

Mmm…Meat Twinkies.

Font choice is important.

No Mercy.

It has been a long week. Hopefully there is nothing standing between you and a good weekend.