Weekend Open Thread: Back to Work Edition

Hey all.  Sorry the newsfeed was a bit sparse this week.  Press week following the holidays is always dicey, but the February issue is done and off to the printer.


The saving grace is that SHOT Show happens right as the issue arrives, so I was able to get a couple of items that are currently under wraps until the show.  Always nice to have stuff ready to print before a product announcement has even been made.

Still, tough to get things done amongst the distraction. At least I like my job…

Last year was not 2020 bad, but it was rough. In case you forgot…

There was a spy baloon in there somewhere.

Funny that in a meme thread, the Kevin James meme is making its first appearance. It was all over the place at the end of the year, but I didn’t really find it that amusing. (Find out more from KnowYourMeme)

Parenting win.

Goodbye Mariah.


I never really got too in to New Years. It was just a distraction from the football. Which is a good segue, just as soon as I make my usual statement about the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar. Which is on hiatus until the shows start back up. Which brings me back to football.

It was a rough bowl season. If I have a rooting interest, it is the kiss of death. Which means that That School Up North will be National Champions* on Monday. Until the NCAA vacates the last 3 years of Xichigan football.

Cope more cheaters…

If you haven’t been following, the weasels had a staffer videoing opponents games to steal their signals. In person scouting is a big no-no for the NCAA, and the TSUN had an operation that was pretty elaborate.

Elaborate, but not perfect.

After getting owned for the better part of a decade, they no-showed for The Game in 2020, then went on a 3 year winning streak.

Then they lied.

When the NCAA starts tossing around terms like “lack of institutional control”, “pattern of misleading behavior”, and “We are treating this as a repeat violator situation”, one can assume the hammer is about to drop.

It’s ok, Harbaugh will be coaching the Chargers next year.


I just don’t want to hear another effing thing about how there is something superior about a *ichigan Man…

Bo would not be pleased.

I will be the first to admit that my Buckeyes have a few holes, the offensive line decided to skip the Cotton Bowl, and our true freshman 3rd string QB was running for his life the whole night. But our defense was scary good, and almost all of them are coming back. We had a top 5 recruiting class again, picked up an upgrade at QB in the Portal, and I am looking forward to September.

You couldn’t pay me to trade places with a scUM fan right now…

…even if they probably will clobber Washington on Monday. Besides, my Brownies made the playoffs.

So life is good.


Life is also good for Cmeat who is our next token holder for our CRKT Provoke drawing.

He joins Heather, Zach, and Steve T. as being a step closer to winning. The rest of you are still in it. Usual 2 token rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, and if you are a new commenter yours count double. The first person to be drawn a second time wins the knife. If you are a new commenter, your posts will be held in moderation until I can approve them the first time. Good luck everyone.


I have a lot of non-themed memes this week, so sit back and enjoy.

What could go wrong?

Kinda true.

Definitely true.

Group these 4 together…

Wait for it…




It is always awiens.

I am not sure the footwear is period correct.

That meme made my back hurt. Get off my lawn.

Gamers will understand. By the time you are in your late 4os, your hardware is too outdated to even run the game.

Math memes aren’t as good as physics memes…

That’ll leave a mark…


…delicious murder.

Joe Flowers approves.

Follow me for more childcare tips.


You can do that now. The copyright ran out.

Deep thoughts…

The Sorting Hat is an Orange Homer Bucket…

What house are you?

Takes a second.

Not today Skynet.

Wise lesson.

How appropriate.

Every bulk food is a banana (4011) if you hate self checkout enough.

I don’t have much to add beyond that which I have said already, but I am not going to stop voicing my support for Israel in its fight against Hamas until they declare victory. They did not ask for the war, and Hamas actively seeks genocide against the Jews.

On the positive side, some really terrible people are being exposed. So there is that (very) small silver lining.

Not a major message with tonight’s musical selection.

Man, the horns at the 1:15 mark are fire.

I love that song. Doubly so because of the role it plays in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The main character’s father (played by Kurt Russell) describes it as possibly the finest musical composition to come from Earth. I don’t disagree.

I do it as a service. Have a good one everybody.

Bonus Video: Big Head Todd and the Monsters do a phenomenal cover of Brandy as well…