Weekend Open Thread: Busting Brackets Edition (Updated)

Howdy folks.  Now I know that most of our readers are not as dedicated to watching sports as I am, but even casual fans often get into the NCAA Tournament. Me, I could inject it straight into my veins. I even went as far as scheduling elective surgery for the morning that the tournament started several years ago, just so I could lie, guilt-free on the couch all weekend and gorge myself on college basketball.

In spite of Sean Bean’s assertion above, I have actually been fairly productive today. Then again, I plan on leaving the office before lunch, and turning on the games as soon as I get home. In case you missed it:

Bobby Branton shares the Tru-Balance Knife Story

I always have said that I never know what rabbit hole I will end up down on any given day, but it was an interesting one.

I am off to a fairly ignominious start. I was 0-4 in the play in games last night. Luckily, I had all four losing in the round of 64, so I should be back on track once they all play their next games. Just in time for the rest of my bracket to come off the rails after the chaos of the first full day.

Anyone else care to opine on the Tournament? Or anything else for that matter –  have at it in the comments. Up to 5 comments or replies will be your entries for this week’s drawing. This week it is for a new Browning Hunter Series Folder, a nice jigged wood, liner-lock flipper.

A fusion of tradition and innovation. Our Hunter Series knives combine modern design with the classic materials you love, resulting in a family of beautiful, functional hunting knives. Fusing modern looks and classic materials like 440C stainless steel blades, two-tone jigged hardwood handle scales and polished brass colored accents, these blades will become a staple in your kit. The straight back blade profile provides a nice, smooth curve for general hunting duties from field dressing to boning and skinning.

Thanks Browning!

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I actually found a knife meme this week, so completely off topic, or on topic if you prefer…

Seems like a valid strategy to get yourself killed. 🙂

Last week our drawing was for a print back-issue of the winner’s choice, subject to availability. Stuart B – you are the lucky winner. Have a look through the KNIFE Magazine archives and pick an old issue you would like us to send you. Oh, and btw Primus, your knife is on its way. I just am slow.

Finally, I leave you with the sentiments of the dearly departed Grumpy Cat, King of all Feline Memes:

Have a great one folks. Go Buckeyes! O-H!


Whelp….  this is about all I have to say about that…

My daughter, who picked based on mascots is leading our family pool.