Weekend Open Thread: Cinco de Derby Edition

Happy Friday, or potentially Happy May the 4th (be with you).  Yes, we have a triple booking this weekend…

I went looking for mint tonight, to no avail…

Any of you have big plans this weekend?

I had a look at the odds, and I am not seeing any really good names this year…

I suppose the official KNIFE Magazine pick would have to be Just Steel.  I thing MagnaCut would be a great name.

Can a meme be too soon if the race hasn’t happened yet?

Hopefully, all the horses and jockeys are safe.

It does pass by quickly, once the 72 hours of pre-race stuff is over.

As long as the Ferrari is only 2 years old.

I did share this one last year, but it is too good…

There is one knife show of note this weekend…

Palmetto Cutlery Club Knife Show


I can’t find independent confirmation of the date being the same this year. They don’t have a Facebook page, and their website hasn’t been updated in a couple of years.  SO you might want to call and confirm.

No shows next weekend, but one the weekend after that…

Montana Knifemakers Association Custom Knife Show

Nothing after that until Blade Show.

We typically have some more current event memes after the Events Calendar. Tonight it is going to be combined with my section on the Gaza War.  There is an international movement afoot to sew chaos in the West, with the protests on college campi veering well away from peacefully calling for a cease-fire, to outright calling for the destruction of the Jews.

Not much different, other than I imagine the Nazis smell better.

Totally grass-roots and spontaneous. Follow the money.

We used to have a media who would do such things

That Iowahawk tweet belongs in the Louvre. 11 years ago this week.


Idiotic problems require simple solutions.

Hamasniks in the US really don’t get it…

Hamas is a genocidal islamist terrorist group who openly calls for the extermination of the Jewish people. Israel is the front line in the fight between civilization and barbarity.

That said, the “Normies” are pushing back. In what has been labeled “The Frat Boy Revolution”, groups of patriotic students are standing up for our flag,


Three cheers for “Toxic Masculinity”

Not just in the South. I have heard of counter protests at the University of Chicago, and schools out West as well.

The kids are alright.

Seemed like a good segue.

There are a few other things going on these days…

I am sure it is just a coincidence.


2024 is shaping up to be a rough year.


Might as well let it rip.

We don’t have any machine guns, but we do have a knife giveaway.

Congrats to Del. You win the CRKT CEO. I think this one is probably ok for customs.  Not overly tactical, lightweight, and a manual flipper liner lock. Let me know if you want me to ship it. FYI – Vince and I cleared the shipping backlog this week.  Won knives are on the way.

Our next giveaway is going to be a Two Token Drawing. Meaning that you need to be drawn in two separate weeks to win. The first time you get a “token”.  The second time is the win. The knife is a USA-made fixed blade CRKT Bugsy, designed by Kaila Cummings.

Nice knife. It is USA Made, I believe by TOPS. So I imagine that our friend Hocky will want to be considered.

Up to 5 comments or repelies are your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first week’s comments will count double. They will be held in moderation until I can approve them, but after that you will be all set.

Good Luck everybody.

Onward and upward…

I would be afraid of 8 legged naked spider people too.

Speaking of one’s 15 minutes of fame…

Guy got called away from his kid’s Tball game to remove a swarm of bees from the Diamondback’s game. He ended up throwing out the first pitch.

You can read more here.


It worked. I don’t care what Google says.

Be afraid.

Rusts like a Cybertruck.

Seems legit.



I can’t wait for football season.

He could have just waited for Joe Flowers to do so for him.

Worst Best Day Ever.

I know that I have a shop that many would be jealous of, but wow…that is a nice one. Just needs a grinder.

Suck it up Meat.

Oh Bother.

Never Give Up.

Follow me for more motivational tips.

I am pretty sure as well.

Terroir is important.

Almost as bad…

They are coming.

I may have shared that one before.

Eastbound and Down…



Out: Florida Man

In, Florida Raccoon.

Orwell was meant as a cautionary tale.

Cyclopse can relate…

Sarah only cares about herself.

Should have washed him on cold.

For our second musical number…

Kids are Alright is a good song, but was shared because it was a perfect fit. Won’t Get Fooled Again is actually one of my favorites from The Who.

I apologize again that the newsfeed was a bit sparse this week. Press Week was busy..

I’d probably be more productive if I focused on my work.

But we survived. On to the next.

Stay Cool Everyone…

Have a great weekend Y’all.