Weekend Open Thread: Come and Take it Edition

Howdy folks…

It is good to be back. It is even better to have put the April issue Press Day behind us. Pulling together our annual New Release article was particularly challenging. With no SHOT Show, it was incumbent on us to chase down all the press releases, high-res photos, etc. required to write the article. But more on that later.

I try to keep the memes in these open threads apolitical, but these are scary times for the First Amendment. That is certainly fair game for a literal print publication. And my discussions with my friends of differing opinion have failed to yield a single one defending the Dr. Seuss cancellation flap. If people do not push back, there will be no stopping the iconoclasm. I am watching Casablanca at this very moment (the “La Marseillaise” scene just interrupted me). How long until the fact that Ingrid Bergman asks about (Sam) “The boy playing the piano” is enough to get it Memory Holed. 1984 was supposed to be a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.

But enough about that.

We have a giveaway this weekend, and since it has been a few weeks, everyone is eligible. As always up to 5 comments or replies count as your entries towards a Browning Primal Folder (Small). The Primal Series of EDC folders compliments several combination sets of Primal game processing tools.

It is not a bad budget import. The overmolded rubber handle is comfortable and grippy. It has a deep carry clip, flipper and thumb studs, and liner lock. It won’t be the centerpiece of anyone’s collection, but it is a good all around user.

Do any of you hunt large game? We will be giving away the processing tools as well at a later time.

As I said, I would have more on the New Release article form the upcoming April issue. Here is a sneak peek at my introduction. I will be sharing each company individually on our social media and on the newsfeed, one each day.

Looking back, for many of us SHOT Show 2020 was the last milestone of “normalcy” before the pandemic “changed everything”. It is speculated, not without evidence, that the virus was already percolating under the surface at the show and that the infamous “SHOT Show Flu” last year was in fact Covid since some folks were hit extremely hard. Others reported symptoms like loss of taste and smell a full month before that made it into the national news stories.

We at KNIFE have chronicled Covid’s impact on the knife industry both online and in print, over multiple posts and articles. In fact, our first mention of the virus came as a sidebar to this very New Release article in the March 2020 issue. With 3 vaccines online less than a year after we barely recognized that this thing might be a problem, it looks like we all might be together by Blade Show…we hope.

So where does that leave the knife industry as we approach the end of the first quarter of 2021? Sales have been reported by many as strong throughout the past year, though shopping patterns have changed somewhat. Some companies are delaying new releases until midyear, others have cut back, while still others are charging ahead with dozens of new offerings no different than any other year.

Connecting with all the production companies without SHOT Show has proven to sometimes be a challenge. You get a sense for which marketing reps at which companies really excel at outreach and whom you know you will be able to rely on for a publication photo or email response at the last minute. Other companies have proven harder to reach.

So our list is a little different this year. There are some new additions, while some other companies were not yet ready to share. The knife industry seems to have weathered the Covid storm, and with a plethora of new offerings across the board, looks to build forward in a better 2021.

It has been a crazy year. I wrote this 1 year ago this week:

I think it held up pretty well.  What say you?

This harkens back to a couple of weeks ago. And it is one of the best I have seen…

Finally, this one isn’t related to anything, but it really cracked me up.

A little Viking dad-joke to round out your weekend.

Have a good one folks.