Weekend Open Thread: Danger Pickles and other such things…

Howdy all, it’s time for another installment of the Knife Magazine Weekend Open Thread, everyone’s favorite time of the week.

The Spyderco Bombshell hit the stores recently, and the internet had a field day. Truthfully, it is a fairly robust folder, a sort of pocket Nessmuk. But it is a little goofy looking. Do you have any good names? Kill Dill is among my favorites.

Since we are talking pickles, it leads to a fairly smooth transition to gardening talk.

Here is Hocky’s garden:

Stuart B and Mark R. sent theirs in earlier this week:


And for those who missed it, here is mine:

I canned my 8th-14th pints of salsa this week, and made a run of pickles as well.

How have y’all been? I am holding my breath about my kids’ school restarting. They are slated to go back the first week in August, but I keep reading about school districts getting cold feet and going back to online. If I wanted to homeschool my kids, I would have been homeschooling my kids. What are schools around the country going to do when kids start inevitably dying from regular flu? More kids die in a tragic bus crash than have died of WuFlu.

Otherwise, we have just kept on keeping on. Biking and Hiking represent 75% of our family summer sojourns in a normal year, so it is just a matter of getting creative with the rest.

h/t @knafmemezz

I am still bummed about Blade Show, though it looks like I may be joining a small group of folks for a couple of days of social-distanced camping since we all had blocked the weekend on our calendars anyway. I hope I can make it.

Steve T. is the winner of last week’s CJRB Feldspar giveaway. Still waiting on more knives to give away. So this week’s winner will get their choice of a Goins Encyclopedia, or Military Knives Reference Book.

Military Knives: A Reference Book by Trzaska, Silvey, Windrum, et al.

Goins’ Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings (Second Edition) by John and Charlotte Goins

That is about all I have for tonight. Comment away with Bombshell names, garden updates, or whatever else suits your fancy.Up to 5 comments or replies count as valid entries.

Be well everyone.