Weekend Open Thread: Document this Edition

Hey Everybody. Happy Friday I mean Saturday. My daughter’s basketball game ran late, and I was gassed. Still getting caught up on family, work, and sleep. But I wouldn’t want to let y’all down.

The nice thing about this scandal is it has caught folks from all sides of the spectrum. A pox on all their houses. But since it is an equal opportunity cluster-foxtrot, we can tee off on everyone.

Lotsa memes on this theme…


Better off in a sealed vault…

Our Event Calendar does not have any classified information, it is all public domain.

Like the Gator Cutlery Club Show in Lakeland Florida…

Gator Cutlery Show

Because I posted about the show Friday morning, I felt less guilty for not posting this last night. It really is more useful to know what is coming up next week:

Beulah Knife Show

Tactical Knife Invitational – TKI

Cali seems like a strange place for a tactical show since autos over 2″ are verboten.

Maybe. But it is time to move on.Most definitely.

That seems to be a problem.

With memes of course.

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

very rich…

A knife is a poor substitute for toilet paper.

They need a black-market gas stove.

I have learned to deal with electric stove since gas isn’t available at my house. But I miss it.




Klaus can go sod himself.

I will not eat ze bugs you ghoul.


Or if you prefer…

OK, enough of that. time to give away a knife.

Congrats Stuart B. You win the B’Yond EDC Arch.  I know you will like it.

Next week’s prize is this swag package from SHOT Show:

A really solid zip-top tote bag. Patches, Stickers, a Browning knife, some reporter notebooks, and some other stuff.

Usual rules apply, up to 5 comments ore replies on this post are your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. From then on you will be able to post at will.

Yikes. Seemed like a good one to kick off the remaining random memes.

You know you read that to the tune of the jingle.

just like you read that in Morgan Freeman’s voice.

Oof.  That was bad.


He has been on a dry spell for a couple of decades.

Perhaps back into the 70s…

Better than these days…

I don’t think the dates quite line up but the point is taken.


Speaking of points.

That is about all I have for tonight, and last night for that matter. Have a good remainder of your weekend folks.

Time for bed.