Weekend Open Thread: Dogs and Bourbon Edition

Howdy Folks…

Happy Friday all. Hope your week was a good one. With the world perched on the precipice in Ukraine, Olympic chaos, Canadian fascism, and the overall degradation of civil society as we know it, what better way to spend your evening than the Weekend Open Thread?

What a cluster&*(%$. I feel bad for the girl, but she should have been sent home at the first sign of positive test. And the coverage has been stellar.

The highlight of my Olympics has been texting back and forth with Del during USA/Canada hockey and curling. Though I never have been quite been sure what to make of the doubles-luge.

As I said, there have been a lot of memeworthy events this week. Valentines day was one.

Dog and Bourbon Day is better. I think I will be skipping Canada day this year.

There are Olympic cluster$%^&s, and there are cluster$%^&s of Olympic Proportion…

Don’t question our authority eh?

Vomit on his sweater too. I heard it was mom’s spaghetti.

No knife shows of note this weekend. Be sure to check the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar to find the shows coming up in your neck of the woods.

Dad Joke of the Week:

Just did my weekly drawing from last week’s entries. Hocky becomes our 4th “token holder” for a chance to win the Spartan Knives Astor.

He joins Cmeat, Jason K, and Del Corsi as those who only need to be drawn one more time to win. The rest of you still have a chance though. All you need to do is leave a comment or reply. Up to 5 count as your entries.

Business out of the way, here is the remainder of this week’s meme selection…

Well duh.

Don’t do it.


What good are buddies if you can’t bust their chops.

You can’t argue with a sign from God.

More Truth.

As is this. Folks who have put those things in their kids’ lunch can attest.

Legit excuse.

Hungry, Hungry.

God Bless Texas.

Definitely me.

Surprised it wasn’t held in with Duct Tape.

Don’t do it.

Sage advice.

That is about it for this week. Be well everyone. I am off to bed.