Weekend Open Thread: Draft Dodging Edition

Greetings Sports Fans, thank you for using your 1st Round pick on KNIFE Magazine.

It is Weekend Open Thread Time, and we are are on the clock…


I hope your week turned out better than things worked out for her. We are headed into Press Week, but I have to coach my final games this weekend, and our Green and White scrimmage Monday. After that I am done for the foreseeable future. More than half of my team is leaving to start a team at Bearden Middle School, I am graduating 10 girls into their High School programs, and am down to 4-5 headed into next year. It is easier to re-home 4 girls than it would be to recruit 15+ more girls to keep things going. My own daughter is wrapping up her freshman season at Knoxville Catholic. Someone else can pick up the torch. I will soon be just a lacrosse dad.



How are y’all doing? How did your team do last night?


It is getting ridiculous. Of course I have Round 2 on as I write this.

It is worse than the Olympics.

Ironically, I only vaguely remember that movie.

You would probably have a better time at a Knife Show.

Taking a look at the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar…

Blade Aces Knife & Tomahawk Throwing Competition

I follow SavageThrower on Instagram. I know she will be there.

Solvang Custom Knife Show

Fabulous show. We covered it in the October 2022 issue.

Oklahoma’s Largest Knife Show

I am not familiar with that show, but it looks like fun:


Tonight’s musical guest is the Tedeschi Trucks Band. After sharing The Animals last week, I have had Bring it on Home to Me stuck in my head. Susan Tedeschi does a phenomenal version of the song, in duet with the late, legendary Sharon Jones.

The bearded guitar player to Susan’s right is Derek Trucks, her husband, and the other half of “Tedeschi Trucks Band”.  Sharon Jones passed away in 2016, but will live forever in her fabulous catalogue of work. Every now and then a couple of artists come together and have a moment of magic.  Watch the video. It is worth it.

Somewhat topical memes…

Might be more fun than shooting NYC rats out of a dumpster with a blowgun.

You could do an entire WOT of Angel Hernandez memes.

He would make a great meteorologist.

He makes John Hirschbeck look good.

That is not normal.


Ahh…Playoff Hockey.


Speaking of Hockey, or Hocky, he took himself out of the running for the CRKT Forebear by Darriel Caston.

Congrats to Mark R., who is this week’s winner. Next up in our prize queue is another CRKT Gentleman’s Folder, the Richard Rogers CRKT CEO. Says on the box it is made in “Free China” (Taiwan), so  Hocky, please let us know if you want to be considered. I actually drew you first today, but you had withdrawn yourself from consideration.

Usual Rules Apply. Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, and if you are new to the blog your comments count for double credit. The catch is they will be held in moderation until I can approve your first round.

Good Luck everyone.

Maybe they always miss because they are using Metric when they should be using Imperial.

English rocks.

Medieval P0rn theme .


Be Ungovernable…

Stay Ungovernable…

Punctuation is important…

Our Graphic Artist Katie is actually awesome…

…but the minimalist trend needs to end.

Speaking of celebrities replying on Twitter…

Me too.

Like Bizarro Seinfeld.


AI is not ready for prime time. Or so Skynet wants you to think…

Wake up Sheeple!


I’d try it.


I will fight you.

Never give up…

Try harder.



This couple does it better…



We don’t deserve dogs.



I am that old.

That never gets old.



Don’t be Bob.


(I wonder how you get the weed smell out of a Muppet).

“Replicator: Veal. They need to try it”

They did all seem to close at once.

History is written by the victors.

Best DnD party ever.

Kill it with Fire.


Be like the manatee.

Much more chill than a Columbia student…


It is the time in the post where I, as I have every Friday since October 7th, am taking a moment to voice my support for the State of Israel and the Jewish people in their fight against Hamas.Their charter does not call for a “two state solution”, it calls for the eradication of the Jewish people entirely.  what really has me shaken though is American citizens demonstrating not in support of the Palestinians, but openly calling for genocide themselves.

Click the image above for the full Babylon Bee article.

As limited as my platform is, I feel compelled to use what reach I have to push back against this. Thankfully there are people whose platform is exponentially larger than mine taking up the call.

Robert Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots, and one of countless voices pushing back.

I shouldn’t need to explain who Mike Rowe is to most of you. Summing up his eloquent post…


As has become custom, I have been using the musical guest to bring things back after the above section. This version of Bonnie Raitt’s “Angel from Montgomery” combined with the Dead’s “Sugaree”.  Phenomenal stuff.


Cue the balloon drop…

I will be back next week with another harvest of memes for you all. I will try to do better next time…


But I am done for tonight.

Have a good weekend everyone.