Weekend Open Thread: Dude, Where’s my Plane? Edition

Hey there Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Weekend Open Thread time, and since we missed last week, we are loaded for bear this week. Plus, the lost F-35 fighter jet was the perfect memeable event – inherently amusing, the pilot was unharmed, and you can make fun of government incompetence. A trifecta of meme-motivation.


I want to apologize again for not getting to the open thread last week. The visit to Rosecraft and the football game were defintely a major part of it, but I was also not in much of a mood to be funny. Last week I had to let my lacrosse team know that we would not be able to play in the end of season tournament. Numbers are always a challenge in Fall-ball, since we lose a ton of girls to soccer and volleyball. We had a girl make State in cross-country, which is awesome, but she ended up doing so well that she dragged her team to qualify, which costs us an 8th grade midfielder who hadn’t qualified as an individual, but did as a member of the team.

We lost a couple of girls to church retreats.  I like a good Underdog story, but God vs. Middle School rec-league lacrosse is a heavy lift. And the list goes on…

It was pretty disheartening, and I needed a break. But my heart breaks for the girls who have worked so hard for 2 months and don’t get to play at the end.

The Air Force actually put out a bulletin asking for help.

Which was slightly better than this…


It took 28 hours for the Air Force to find it.

My kids always found him first.



Seems legit…

$5.50 for shipping is a good deal.

Ambulance chasers will have a hard time keeping up.

Don’t eat the fish.

Absolutely not.

Of course, we all know what really happened…

At any rate, it was a tough week for Jets.

Not as gruesome as Nick Chubb’s knee injury.

Stole that from Bill Tyce. Seemed like a good segue to the Events Calendar, since he was using it to tell folks he would be at the Lehigh Valley show this weekend…

(As always, ignore the dates in the previews. They come from Year 1 of the calendar.

Lehigh Valley Knife Show

He will be twice as happy next weekend…

Lost Pines Knife Show

Lost Pines is a newer show, but it has been growing like crazy. Put on by the folks at ToThePointSharpening, it sounds like a fun event.

Bowie’s Memorial Hammer-In

Not super far from us, I imagine Mark will be there.

There are a few other current event memes…

We try to stay mostly political, but when you find David Hogg and the NRA both calling out the NM Governor for her tyrannical behavior, I feel safe in sharing these…

The Second Amendment guarantees the First.

That isn’t how any of this works.

I guess smelling it is better than drinking potpourri.

Or eating it in solid form.

Is there anything that can’t be pumpkin spiced?

Apparently not.

Moving on to our weekly drawing…

When we last convened, Girod and Rick K. needed to pick their CRKT knives of choice. Girod chose the Hootenany (3rd down on right) and Rick chose the Montosa (top right). Which means that Del gets the next pick, since I drew him from the comments on the pseudo-thread last week. Thank you all for holding down the fort.

I highly recommend that Del chose the Minimalist. I think that would be the easiest to get through customs. The Shenanigan is assisted open, and the M16 is large and scary. But your call. Next week’s winner gets their pick of the remaining knives.

Usual rules apply. 5 comments or replies are your entries and I will draw at random next week. First time commenters count double, and if you are new to the blog your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them.

Good luck everyone.

Now, onto the rest of this weeks memes. This was my favorite…

Rock was truly a dynasty.

That would be the pleasant version.

A masterpiece of architecture.

Makes sense to me.

They would if they could.

There is an underground tunnel to Hershey, PA.

I would totally do that to my daughter.

Because I am a dad.

You get dad jokes instead of a whoopin.

Stayin’ Alive.

Indeed they would.

English rocks.

Me with dumplings.

“I got a very positive attitude about this.”

I don’t think that is real. True. But not real.

Of course.


Everyday is bring your knife to work day. I didn’t want to wait until next March to share this one.


Bad idea.

He is not normal. But he would kick Elon’s butt on a mat. I know of the people he trains BJJ with, and he apparently takes it quite seriously.


Its a Swingline…


I’d rather have a sword.

Meme Flashback…

I still love that one.

I shouldn’t have laughed at that.


I am not lovin’ it.

That said, I believe that Sir Mick is almost the same age as our President. I wonder how he does it…

His contractor was Amelia Bedelia.

You get what you ask for.

Why do I read that in Dan Eastland’s voice.

Stay away from them. “It” is contagious.


Wise move.

Sounds perfect.

Bring cash.

Get off my lawn.

But come back next week for another exciting Weekend Open Thread.

Have a good weekend everyone.