Weekend Open Thread: Faster, Higher, Stronger Edition

Howdy folks.

Sorry for the missed post last week. I had Friday off and went to Dollywood with the family. I was so wiped out Friday night, that I fell asleep watching the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics.

And making up sports. By any account, my anti-globalist, libertarian point of view ought to make me hate the Olympics. There is all the background political nonsense, but I can’t help it. I get caught up in them every time. My father was an immigrant from Holland, and some of my early memories were rooting for the Dutch speed skaters. I love watching competition at the highest level, even if I don’t care about the sport.

I have a lot of family in Holland, and my brother just moved back to the States with his Dutch wife in tow, so I came by my rooting interest this morning honestly.

Of course, if I have a rooting interest in a team, it is the Kiss of Death. I am from Cleveland, and that has been a whole ‘nother “Charlie Foxtrot”.

Maybe they will let us have Wahoo back now.

I actually know people who have literally pissed on Modell’s grave. My brother may or may not have been one of them.

This seems about right…

One knife show this weekend, for those in the Mountain West…

(RESCHEDULED) Montana Knifemakers Association Custom Knife Show

For those in the East, the A.G. Russell Parking Lot Sale is Saturday…


This isn’t a meme, but a little something Noelle, our Graphic Artist made for me…

Velocipointer. I got the idea from the meme below. German Shorthaired Pointers are a little wild. My Trixie (Queen Beatrix) is no exception.

She’s a good girl though. And an Olympian in my mind.

Stuart B. is the winner of the pair of KA-BAR Koozies from the last Open Thread.


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I am going to leave it there this evening. I am going to watch some more Olympics before heading to bed.

Water Polo sucks you in. Have a good one folks.