Weekend Open Thread: Have you seen the price of ammo?

Forget being less messy, have you seen the price of ammo? I guess that leads to this oldie but goodie:

How is everyone doing? I am hanging out in the workshop, watching football, and playing around with a new Work Sharp sharpener. I can’t give you guys any details yet since the release is embargoed until the 15th, but I am pretty impressed. It put a near mirror edge on my Kim Breed Model 15, which is a knife I find extremely difficult to sharpen. It shouldn’t be, since it is 80CrV2, but I have never really been pleased with my results when I sharpen it.

This is probably the best edge I have put on it, or darn close.

Since I am teasing y’all about the new sharpener, I will give away the Micro Sharpener and Tool that they included in the package they sent.

I have a couple of these, and it is a handy tool to have around. I keep one in my laptop bag and another on my shop pegboard.

Jason K was the lucky winner of last week’s Case hat. This is in no way connected to the Solera sticker I used for my photo. I took the picture before drawing comment number 11 of 14 from last week. He has to sit this week out, though I think I still owe him a copy of Military Knives from a previous contest.

I am coaching our first lacrosse scrimmage in the morning so I am going to cut this post short. First live game since the Wednesday before Spring Break last March. Everything shut down the following week.

So I will leave you with this gem…

Buckle up folks. 2020 is not done with us yet.

Be well. (and stop buying all the ammo. I can’t find .22 again)