Weekend Open Thread: Independence Day Hangover Edition

Howdy folks, its Friday. At least that is what is says on the calendar. I am not quite sure I believe it. A whirlwind trip to Cleveland, the 4th of July, Press Day, and a Tennessee Smokies baseball game this evening.  I am way behind on a smorgasbord of memes for y’all, so we might as well get started.

I have a few 4th of July memes before we get to other current events.

We missed out on fireworks in Cleveland. We were supposed to see the Orchestra but thunderstorms put the kibosh on that plan.

We usually set off some ourselves as well, but we were out of town.

We did finally get to see some tonight after the ballgame.

I hope everyone had a good Independence Day celebration themselves.

One more, then I will move on.

One cool thing we did do in Cleveland was visit the William Mather, a Great Lakes freighter turned museum ship, and the former flagship of the Cleveland Cliffs shipping line.

I have been on several museum ships, all warships and submarines, but never a freighter. It was pretty neat.

A much better fate than being sent to the breakers.

Still no shows on our Event Calendar until next weekend…

ABS New England Hammer-In

The next batch of memes will cover the very memeable goings on lately.

So grab a glass of wine and settle in.


As we said, there is no longer such thing as too soon on the internet.

And who are we to judge?


Of course, as much as I try to stay apolitical on these Open Threads, I just couldn’t ignore the most memeable event of the week.

Because if I don’t laugh, I will get very, very angry.

Frankly, I care more about the double standards than I do about a baggie of blow.

Hunter must have a place on the backroads of Cocke Co. Tennessee.

We are in the middle of drawing for a couple of Ocaso Strategy knives. Three of them are spoken for for reviews, but the first person to be drawn twice gets their pick of the remaining 2. The remaining “token holders” keep their tokens toward the drawing of the second knife. Most of you  know the routine.

Up to 2 comments or replies are your entries. If you are new your comments will be held in moderation until I approve them.

Stuart B. is our first token holder. Congrats.

Apropos of nothing at all, I have had this on repeat as I have been working tonight.


Moving on to the non themed memes.

That is my favorite meme of the week.

Or as Cartman would say:

Any South Park fans?

Savage prank.

Might have helped the other night with the orchestra.

Reminds me of the submarine head discussion from the other week.

I thought he preferred 5 Guys.

I probably should have warned you about the incoming pun.

But what is the fun in that?

Could have warned yo about that too.

My wife trusts me to neither cheat nor attempt to overthrow the government.

She doesn’t laugh at my memes though.

Oh bother.


Let me know how that works out for ya.

Fat DeCaprio memes are the best.


I’d buy it.

Never too soon.

Wait. What?


Soo good.

So not good.

You can lead ground beef to water…

But help comes from within.

I can’t either.

Swedish Fish are just bait.

“If we build a large wooden badger…”

That is about all for tonight.

Don’t you mean “our memes”?

Have a good one folks.