Weekend Open Thread: It Weighs the Same as a Duck Edition

…so it must be made of wood. And therefor…expensive.

Howdy folks. Apologies again that I wasn’t able to get a real thread out last week. And I need to get my Hocky’s corner post pulled together.  The pictures he has sent are pretty cool.

My girls won both of our games on Saturday, including a 13-4 victory over a team that beat us 11-1 earlier this year.

Tomorrow is the regional tournament and we get a first round rematch against a team that beat us 8-7. Really hoping we can pull off the win.

No knife shows this weekend, but next weekend there is a good one down in Texas.

Lost Pines Knife Show

Or you could stay home and work on home improvements.

It really is pretty insane.

The drug cartels are even getting in on the act.

Jason K. is the winner of the Browning folder. I wasn’t in the office to grab a prize today, so this week will be another backissue of the magazine. Winner’s choice subject to availability. Cmeat won one a few weeks back but hasn’t told me which issue he would like.

Usual rules apply. 5 comments/replies count, and if you are new your comment will be held back until approved. After that you are good to go with future comments.

It is somewhat frightening that lumber memes have become a thing.

This one has been around for a while…probably because it is true.

One meme that is off topic, but made the cut really blew my mind…BUFF FTW:

That and a Tyrannosaurus is chronologically closer to an iPhone than it is to a Stegosaurus.

Or this…

That is all I have for tonight. Have a great one folks.