Weekend Open Thread: It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas Edition

Hey Everybody…It is Friday Night, and it can’t have come a minute to soon. It has been one heck of a week.

Its over.

There was a little SNAFU in the office this week. By SNAFU I mean that someone changed the sheet of paper that has the list of Advertising/Press/Print days. When I looked at the end of the sheet before Thanksgiving, I believed I was looking at the January 2024 issue’s Press Day. Tuesday morning Mark comes downstairs and asks how Knife News is coming along. “Pretty good for 8 days out”, I reply, before being informed that Press Day was the next day. I had looked at January 2025.  January 2024 was now on the left side of the sheet.

I had started to lay the groundwork before the holiday, but I hadn’t started on anything, and really only had a handle on one of them. I had been spending all of my time working on Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff, and the Don’t be a Zuck! posts. So if you had been thinking the Newsfeed had been a little light this week, you were not wrong. It has been a slog.

So my next 24 hours were sort of like that. I called in a couple of favors, did a little digging and, and wrote my 4 pieces.

But I need to have my head examined. An hour after I turned in my last piece (the Grant Hawk obit), David Andersen drops the link about Camillus on our text thread. I spiked my own piece, and started to write about the acquisition by GSM in time to get it into the issue. But now I am done for real, and the next Press Day is not until after Christmas.

And I can get caught up on the website and my backlog of email.

Don’t do it. Or this…

That is an actual item I saw at Total Wine and Spirits. My wife and I went on our annual shopping and lunch day today. I picked up a bottle of Tin Cup American Whiskey. Not a terribly expensive one, but I have been a fan since Gerber did an online whiskey tasting along with their product reveal in the SHOTless 2021 release season. They sent everyone 2 bottles (one rye and one American “bourbon style”). It has been my goto when I don’t feel like Scotch.


Pretty sure he drinks the Eggo-Nog.

Frick’n Sleigh Chasers.

Angus was supposed to be Scott Farkus, but they tried to make him wear pants.

There are a lot of these…

What there are not, are Knife Shows. At least for a couple of months. I think the Kentucky Custom Knife Show is tonight, but it is one night only, and invitation only. I went in 2019. Unique show.

Be sure to keep an eye on the KNIFE Magazine Event Calendar as we get into the new year.


I can’t say that this is one that I have in regular rotation. It is done by an Italian, for audiences that did not know English. It is absolute gibberish. But it sounds like English, if you don’t know English.  The tune rocks though.

My Buckeyes choked to that team up north. For the 3rd straight year. The only thing to take my mind off The Game was getting the issue together.

It’s not Ryan Day, it’s John Cooper!

I am not going to lie, I am way to upset about a game played by people I don’t even know. But Muck Fichigan.

tOSU had the chance to prove that the cheating weasels were a fraud, erase the past 2 years, and kick our rival in the gut in the last installment of The Game that really mattered before the 12 team playoff renders a loss less consequential. But they couldn’t get it done. Harbaugh is Ryan Day’s daddy. Even when he isn’t even on the sideline.


But at least we still have the Browns playing meaningful football.

Cleveland is where quarterbacks go to die.

But there are a lot more memes, and a knife giveaway. Steve T. claimed the orange Rosecraft Castorea, which means that Cmeat gets the Tarcanis.

We have a Two-Token Drawing next for a CRKT Provoke:


Usual “2 token” rules apply. 5 comments or replies are your entries. Your first draw gets you a “token” towards the win. You need to be drawn a second week to be the winner. The Provoke is a really interesting knife. Not the most practical thing, but really fun to play with. If you are a new commenter, your comments count double, but they won’t show up until I approve the first batch. Please be patient, I will get to them.

And now, back to our show…


Valid strategy.

I put my money on the child. He looks pretty soft.

Neither of which are possessed by mt GSP.

Maybe just get them a model instead…

This is true…

Kudos to whomever created that one.


Wow. That was bad.

A Rickroll is worse.

You should let him out to play.

Quite realistic.

Uncle Mike is the coolest.

Blame Willie?

I’ve got a fever.

Probably. But then who would kill the spiders?

Can you spot the difference?…

Language is hard…

Speaking of England…

He isn’t wrong…

I hope you aren’t a farmer, because you can’t crop for squat.

I am sorry for downshifting from the revelry, but I still feel compelled to use my platform to voice my support for the State of Israel and people in the Jeiwsh Diaspora throughout the world. I am revolted at videos of  Jews, my fellow citizens, being forced to lock themselves in closets and libraries as they hide from mobs that are calling for the the extermination of an entire people.

Let’s take a look at who these “misguided” folks are supporting…

It isn’t the same thing. There is no moral equivalence.

Why would she do that? Because Hamas, is a genocidal organization.

They are evil. And there is only one way to stop evil.

Good for them, though it saddens me beyond words that this is necessary in America in 2023.

I continue to pray for Israel.

It isn’t easy to bring things back around to humor, but I am a meme professional. Don’t try this at home.

Since I do not have another musical number, after the one-off Italian guy, it gives me the opportunity to share one of the funniest parodies I have ever heard.

That is one of the best splicing jobs ever created. It went viral in the days before social media. I know that I heard it on the radio in Idaho circa 2002, but I think it is even older than that. It has been played all over the country for at least 2 decades. Classic.

WIth that boys and girls…

…I am off to bed.  Have a good one everybody.