Weekend Open Thread: Just because you aren’t paranoid…

…doesn’t mean something in 2020 isn’t going to draw another BINGO ball while you sleep.

The official logo of 2020.

Hey everyone, how the heck are you? I keep getting sucked into hockey, and this post has taken forever to write. But it has been a welcome distraction.

This week has been strange, which I guess is no surprise.  Second full week of my kids being back at school is forging ahead. Apparently, there have been 2 positive but asymptomatic students who were tested after family members were diagnosed, or at least that is my understanding. Both are now online learning with the kids who opted for at home this semester, as are the students whose desks are adjacent to theirs for 2 weeks. Or at least that is my understanding.

I am still absolutely livid about the Big 10 cancelling football. Kevin “I punt on 3rd Down” Warren should be fired, especially if he has the temerity to go to watch his own son play at Mississippi State. This was a gut punch for sure, casting a pall over my whole week. I need to move on before I get myself in trouble.

3 hours feels like 3 weeks feels like 3 months…My frustration is building.

At least we have this to look forward to…

It hasn’t all been bad though. I have been keeping busy at work. With the kids back in school, I can come in a 3rd day a week, and stay for a couple of hours longer. I feel like I am finally getting caught up on deferred projects.

Youth Lacrosse is moving forward.  Our 3 hours of informal practice each week has been one of my most important sanity anchors. If Knox Youth Sports decides to cancel our season, I will be seriously pissed off.

I found out that an end of fall-ball invitational tournament is scheduled to take place again. “Battle in the ‘Burg” (Gatlinburg) was a really good time last year in its first iteration. Fingers crossed.

This is probably counts as good as well:

Announcing our CRKT XOC Giveaway (and the winner of the Steve Johnson knife)

As for our weekly giveaway:

The Standard Knife Collectors Guide, 6th Edition by Ron Stewart

It is a decade out of date (2009), but it is still a useful reference and jumping off point when trying to figure out what that vintage knife sitting in front of you actually is. And combined with a little google fu, you can often come up with reasonable value. (Online auction listing prices tend to be on the high side). We still sell a bunch of them.

Since we didn’t have a giveaway last week, everyone is eligible to enter with your comments/replies. As always, up to 5 count.

Have a great one folks. I’m off to bed.