Weekend Open Thread: Kiss Me, I’m Blitzed Edition

It is actually “Kiss Me, I’m Sh@tfaced” in the words of the Dropkick Murphys. But I didn’t want to have a conversation with Mark over a website headline. But for those not familiar with the dulcet tones of the above-mentioned band, you will find a youttube embed at the bottom of this post.

Seldom does the WOT fall on an actual holiday, especially one as memeable as St. Pat’s. So crack open a Guinness or pour yourself a dram of Bushmills, and kick back for this weekend’s Open Thread.

There is a Simpsons for every occasion.

Definitely problematic.

Earl Gray. Green. Make it so.



Or a Leprekhaaaan…

What if you are Scots-Irish?


Brace Yourselves…

Thank you, I will be here all week.

This weekend, there is the son of the grandson of the Grand-daddy of them all – Blade Show Texas.

Blade Show Texas

Or, closer to home, the Pigeon Forge Knife Roadshow.

Pigeon Forge Knife Roadshow

I think I am going to make it out there Sunday Morning around open.


Next weekend is another big show…

Badger Knife Show

While we are on current events, if today weren’t St. Pats, the banking meltdown would have been the theme this week.

It happened pretty fast. And this happened even faster…

Don’t call it a taxpayer funded bailout though…

It isn’t a bailout, it is just “Sparkling Moral Hazard”…


Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss…

Our betters have things well under control.

It’s all good…

It is all a cycle…

The memes will only get better apparently.

It was the Ides of March this week as well…

We all know what happened next.

You all know what happens next too, our weekly knife drawing.

Del is the winner of the B’YondEDC Linear. I am not as worried about this one getting through customs. It is a manual flipper and on the smaller side.

Next week’s drawing will be for a Browning Riverstone. Winner’s choice of Bronze (Shown) or Sage. They sent us two of them, so I will still have one for my post going through the whole lineup. And I am going to be featuring more about it anyway as I intend to review it myself as well. It will be fun to compare notes with the winner.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries. If you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I approve the first ones.

And now, back to our memes. I always feel like my transitions into the Event Calendar and the weekly drawing are much more impressive than my transitions out.

It really is quite embarrassing.

Since we won’t see The Ohio State University in the NCAA Tournament.

Speaking of which…

How are everyone’s bracket’s looking? Mine is actually cleaner than it has ever been, except my one big miss yesterday was catastrophic. I am proactively a Wildcats fan, having spent my Marches growing up in Tucson watching the Cleveland Indians Spring Training. I had them beating Kansas in the final. Whoops.

(in between writing this and hitting publish, FDU just shocked the world and knocked off #1 seed Purdue. Brackets? Who needs Brackets? It’s March Madness Baby!)


I was unaware that units were a unit of measure.

How many venison burgers?

KmPH either.





I wasn’t expecting that either.

(but now you know the reference)


They all will try.

I wonder if that would work against whatever demon-spawn was in the previous meme.

That was my breakfast for the better part of my guiding career. Besides, someone ate the sausage.

Judge’s ruling…

Gavel Drop.


Life is hard. Get a helmet.

Words of wisdom.


Better than Rowdy Roddy’s Pizza.


I like the smell of freshly cut lawn, but it makes me hungry for steak and a beer.

That took a dark turn.


No we don’t. Though I guess I am only loosely “southern”.

I think I saw that in Anderson County.

Have a good one Everybody.

As Promised…

(very NSFW )