Weekend Open Thread: London Falling Edition

Howdy folks and Happy Friday…

Press Week for the October issue has now come and gone. This one snuck up on me with the holiday weekend last week. I hadn’t even started my Knife News column when I walked into the office on Tuesday morning. It made for a long 24 hours.

While I am no Royalist, my libertarian leanings and American upbringing make that an impossibility, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth was a remarkable lady.

I am not in favor of a Queen, but if you are going to have one, she was hard to top.

The passing of someone so iconic is of course prime fodder for memes, good, bad and truly awful, but despite my penchant for dark humor, I would never consider sharing anything particularly disrespectful in a public forum.

This was my favorite by far…

Can’t let a vacant building go unused during the Halloween season.

Would she slime you or tea you?

Such an underrated movie that.

Yes. Yes this is quite awesome…

How many of you know why?

I am not sold on King Charles. But I am watching the news coverage this morning with a bit of bemused fascination.

I think this the British equivalent of ‘Merica.

Sorry, my American is showing. Here are a few more of the good ones.

How are they going to fit those ears onto a Loonie?

Only one more…

I was going to have California’s energy self-own as my theme this week until the Queen passed.

My usual disclaimer, these Open Threads are mostly non-political, but I make exceptions when the conduct being pilloried is rooted in government overreach and hypocrisy.

Case and point.

After all, these meme threads developed over the course of the WuFlu shutdowns and the other insanity of 2020, when there were no knife shows to share on Friday evenings, but a never ending supply of government hypocrisy.


Can’t think of a better segue to our weekly check of the Events Calendar…

Louisiana Knife Show

Central States Hammer In and Knife Show

This is this week’s most accurate meme…

I actually like Ska music. But the meme is funny…

I think I have seen banjo and bagpipe versions of that meme.

I might have shared this one before, but I found two of its cousins.

Smart kid…

How about bemused excitement?

Enough of that.

Well, Cmeat’s flooding the zone strategy paid off.  I just drew him as the winner of the Work Sharp 2.0. I will get it shipped out next week. drew his 3rd comment from last week’s thread for his second token.

Our next drawing will also be a 2 token draw. This VZ grips G10 dagger is next on the giveaway block.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies to this post will count as your entries. You need to be drawn in two non-consecutive weeks to win. The first win gets you a “token” towards the winning the knife.

And that wraps up our weekly business. Time for the rest of the memes.

Yes, this template is still going strong.

Speaking of dads and tools. Or dads who are tools. Or something…

My son does have to put up with dad jokes, but I am much more patient when he is helping me out.

He can relate to this one…

I am always amazed at the savagery of Uno memes.

My son can relate to this too…

But not this one. The mom would probably get sued these days.

And you and your buddy were trying desperately not to laugh.

One for my daughter…

Not that she listens to the Frozen soundtrack anymore.

This is the meme I can relate to…

You only had to wait in line if you weren’t winning.

The 5-second rule is always in effect. The length of those 5 seconds varies by the number of people present.

Let’s all bow our heads in reverence for the feat.

I actually added the caption to this one…


Our robot overlords are trying to kill us.

Ah… the Greater Alaskan Horse-Moose Dog. Definitely a mount fit for a king.

Bet you thought I was done with the Dad jokes. Didn’t you?


The more you know.

Falconry is ‘spensive.

Pumpkin spice is gross.

I’d rather have the rifle.

There really ought to be a warning label.

Who wore it better?

It is all a lie. Wake up Sheeple!

Coincidentally, I used the Pythagorean Theorem the other day when lining the lacrosse fields. You get a perfect corner if you lay down 3’x4′ along the side/end line and make the diagonal 5′.

Life was better before social media.

There were other perks as well…

One of my first memories on this earth is lifting the toilet seat on the train in Holland in 1979 when I was 3 years old and seeing that it was open directly onto the tracks.


Who would be yours?


I guess that means I get Orco and Snarf.

My greatest fear…

Have a good weekend everyone…


The Queen is Dead. Long live the King.