Weekend Open Thread: Mankind has a Bright Future Edition

So, does that make a Tide Pod an after dinner mint?

Hello friends and welcome to another edition of everyone’s favorite weekend timewaster, the KNIFE Magazine Weekend Open Thread.

I am cringing just looking at that. I have to think that was staged and ultimately the cords weren’t actually live. But still…

I am certain that this has actually happened to someone at some point. Kinda puts “Avocado Hand” to shame. (here too). What would you call the injury that the subjects above are about to receive? Let us know in the comments.


Wise move.

Not a wise move.

Or you could say he simply doesn’t understand gravity. Full stop.



It isn’t just people that are signalling the coming of the Apocalypse…

AI isn’t taking over anything anytime soon. I can’t get Siri to give me the football scores correctly.

It has been a tough run for everyone.

Knife shows brighten one’s Day/Week/Month/Year/Life. So let’s check out the Events Calendar.

Two shows this week.

Arts in Metal Premier Art Knife Exhibition

Lehigh Valley Knife Show (fall)

I actually mentioned them last week, as I am going to start posting the following week as well. It doesn’t help with your weekend plans if you aren’t reading about the show until Saturday morning.

Twin Cities Knife Show

Or you can just look at the Events Calendar yourself.

As the Queen was laid to rest this week, the memes have begun to die down. But there are still a few good ones left.

Archbshop of Canterbury: “Stick with me…”

Much better than this (parody) alternative fate.

American remakes of British TV have seen a great deal of success over the years. I don’t think it works the other way.


Seems like as good a time as any to do our weekly drawing for the VZ Grips dagger. May I have the envelope please…

We have a winner! It’s Del.   Provided he wants to take the risk that something with virtually no practicalg value other than as a defensive tool (can’t call it a camping knife after all) can get through Customs alright.  On the positive side, it is extremely light, will go in a very small envelope, and is not going to show up on an xray. I will be sure not to write “G10 prison shank” on the form.

Mark and I had lunch with David Sun yesterday. David has worked in many roles at I believe more than a half-dozen different knife companies, including Kizer, WE, and Cold Steel. He is a great guy, and I have been working with him since back in my TTAK days. He is now on his own, founding his own knife company – BeyondEDC. (https://beyondedcknives.com/)


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Provided Del doesn’t want to pass on the VZ Grips, it means that we need a new giveaway.

We will be giving away a pair of BeyondEDC “Arch” folders in a bit of a hybrid drawing. You still need two tokens to be a winner, but those with one token will retain theirs after the first winner is drawn. I feel like this is a good compromise for knives with $59 MSRPs, and are not from a giant production company.

I will play around with one of them this week and give you a mini-review next friday.

As always, up to 5 of your comments/replies count as your entries, and if you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them.

Good luck to all, and thanks David for sharing this great knives with us.

Now, on with our show…

I want Bambi thawed, ground, and cooked in a crock pot with beans, tomatoes, onions, and chili powder.

Seems like a sweet deal. Though we definitely got the better end of the deal. We don’t deserve dogs.

Marxists and Mountain Lions are a-holes. So are Toddlers for that matter.

Or just feed them to the wolves.

But don’t abandon them in public.

Cut me Mick!

Oops. At least it wasn’t electric.

Honest question…What happens if you submerge an electric car?


It isn’t wrong.

No one liked post-2000 U2, but their early catalog is outstanding. Anything up to and including Rattle and Hum. Then they got weird, and Bono got insufferable.

Then you can accomplish anything…

I want a laser engraver…

I don’t know why I found this so funny…

Ready the photon torpedoes Meathead.

How much has passed through the back-of-house at his establishments? Not on him, but the restaurant industry is notorious.

The more you know.


Still better than pumpkin spice.

I think I should end on that one. Have a good one. I will continue to carry the meme load for you ungrateful savages.