Weekend Open Thread: Memes, Salsa, and a Spyderco Clipitool Giveaway

Ahoy there People of the Knife, how the heck are you? It is Weekend Open Thread time, so crack open a cool beverage, kick up your feet, and allow me to share some memey goodness with you.

I didn’t find much in the way of knife memes this week, but 2020 memes are still going strong.

It seems like January was 6 years ago, not 6 months. I am actually in decent spirits, except when I have to run errands…

I wore a mask voluntarily until the media narrative shifted from protests are racists to protests are good. Then the unelected Knox County Health Department made them mandatory. I now wear one of my fishing Buffs (neck-gaitors) or a bandana, which is a completely half-assed gesture, simply because I don’t have time to deal with getting fined over something so stupid. I stay away from people when out shopping, pandemic or not.

I don’t judge people on the issue. Except this guy. I judge him to be the winner.


My kids are all set to go to school on Monday.

I am actually not conflicted at all. Kids need to be back in school. Period. But parochial/private schools like ours are the exception rather than the rule unfortunately.

I am not sure what to think of the whole coin shortage. The official explanation makes sense. But I will fight any permanent move to a cashless society tooth and nail.

Ok, enough of that. I am actually not overwhelmingly pessimistic at the moment. I found out that we can officially start Fall lacrosse on September 14th. I have been holding unofficial throwarounds twice a week ever since Lakeshore Park opened back up. The girls need it for reasons both on and off field related. I have needed it for my sanity.

Otherwise, I have been just trying to keep up with the tomatoes. I made a triple batch of salsa on Thursday.

7.5 cups diced onion, 4.5 cups diced green pepper, 3 cups Jalapenos, two bulbs of minced garlic, and 24 cups of skinned and diced tomatoes. It was a bit of a workout. In the end I was about a pint and a half short of 21 (a full 3 runs of 7 pints). I am guessing that the longer time in the strainer led to more drainage, and the longer time to can cooked it down a touch. I can now say with confidence that a triple batch is my maximum processing capacity.

I didn’t get off completely unscathed either. My wife came in and distracted me when I was elbow deep in peppers. I had a close call when one rolled on me while talking to her. I sheared the side of my fingernail clean off, while barely nicking the skin. Two minutes to band-aid and glove, clean the knife and board, and I was back to work.

It barely bled. The ESEE Ethan Becker santoku I was using was extremely sharp. Thankfully my finger was tucked out of the way, and my nail spared me from worse damage.

So.. How are you all? Does anyone want to win a Spyderco Clipitool?

What is new with y’all? Leave up to 5 comments or replies to enter to win. Cmeat doesn’t count this week, since he won our drawing for his choice of Military Knives or Goins’ Encyclopedia. Let us know buddy.

Have a great weekend folks. I will leave you with a final meme, completely irrelevant to anything we have been discussing, but dang if this didn’t crack me up…