Weekend Open Thread: Monday through Friday Edition

Howdy Folks. Hope everyone had a great week. For me, the abstract anger and frustration I expressed last week has tempered to a dull seething as issues more directly tied to my daily reality came to the fore. Lacrosse Fall-Ball is in full swing, and field booking and games scheduling have started for the spring. Jersey orders, and mediating between parents who are (rightfully) angry about the condition of our practice field and the Knox Youth Sports organization has dominated my free bandwidth. It has been a frustrating but somehow welcome distraction.

Queso helped too. Queso loves you and wants you to be happy.

I said I wasn’t boiling over with white-hot anger. I didn’t say I was over it.

Gravity is natural. FTW.

Only one knife show this weekend to distract you.

NCCA Marlborough Show


Manual Transmission = Millennial Anti-Theft Device.

Hocky gets the first “token” towards the Hoffner Hand Spear, being drawn this week from last week’s entries.

Because the knife is on the more pricey side, you need to be drawn twice to win. Hocky is the first one out to an early lead. 5 comments or replies count as your entries into the drawing. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until approved. From then on you are free to post at will. Good luck everyone.

“Don’t get cocky Kid.” – Han Solo

I’d party with him. He seems like an epic bloke.

That one is up there with needing to know everything by your second rodeo. Which isn’t a lot of rodeos.

An oldy but goody. This crossed my feed this week, but I have been laughing at it for years.

I think you can get the Death Penalty in Guatemala for that.

You all have become fluent in memes by now. You get it.

For those who need help…

Being a Meme-lord ain’t easy.

Dad Joke of the Week:

Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Finally, Requiescat in Pace Norm MacDonald. You were a genius.

That is from a fan account, but I am sure Norm would approve. I can’t say “He was my favorite comedian”, that title goes to the late Mitch Hedberg. But MacDonald was fearless. This was from just 10 days after Steve Irwin’s death.

It is a hysterical take that was certainly “too soon” for some, but he charges ahead in a way that is funny without seeming disrespectful.

Well played sir. You will be missed.

Have a good one everybody.