Weekend Open Thread: No Time for Fools Edition

Howdy folks. This week was a blur. I was hoping to come up with something original for April Fools, though I would have had a hard time topping my “Truth About Sporks” shootout review of the CRKT Eat’N Tool and Triple Aught Designs Titanium Spork back in my TTAK days. In the end I ran out of time. That said, April Fools is one of the more amusing days online.


Jackalope Removed from Endangered Species List in Idaho

That one is one of my favorites from yesterday. As far as knife-related April Fools, Knives Ship Free won this year with their Strop Shoes.

Entrepreneur Creates Truly Portable Stropping Solution

The all time champ has to be BladeHQ with their X-Acto Fidget Spinner back in 2018.

FA-UX Steel. Nice touch.

You know what doesn’t suck? Hocky won the Work Sharp insulated tumbler. I am sure an old sailor like him can put it to good use.

I wasn’t in the office today because my kids were off for Good Friday, and I forgot to grab something for a giveaway this week. So we will do a back-issue of the magazine, your choice subject to availability. Usual rules apply, 5 comments/replies are entries, and if you are new to the blog your comments will be held in moderation until I approve them – once I do, your future comments will post on their own.

One event to mention this weekend:

Texas Select from Forged in Fire

Keep an eye on our Events Calendar, shows, gatherings, and Hammer-Ins are all beginning to return. Speaking of knife shows and Texas, our friends at the Lone Pine Show tagged us in this video –


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That is if the world doesn’t end on Saturday of course.


If you haven’t entered our Gaetan Beauchamp giveaway, or if you just want to read our July 2016 cover article, click below:

2 weeks left for Beauchamp Giveaway (and our July 2016 Cover Article)


What is new in y’alls’ necks of the woods? Let us know in the comments. It is “Dogwood Winter” here in Tennessee. It happens every year once we have a few 70 degree days and the redbuds and dogwoods start to bloom – a week of freezing temps at night, and temps peaking in the 40s during the day. Of course the pollen has started. So we have that going for us.

Have a good one folks.