Weekend Open Thread: Noodling Aimlessly Edition

Salutations everyone. I am running behind this week, and there really hasn’t been much of that we can use for a theme. The news this week has been dominated by corruption by the two leading candidates in the 2024 election. And since we don’t do politics in the WOT, we are flying without a theme this evening.

There is a story behind the title of this week’s WOT, but first, some bad news…

Larry Tesler, inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies at 74…

Actually, a fitting tribute.

Speaking of tributes, my title actually comes from the description a music critic once made of Jerry Garcia’s guitar style. “He aimlessly noodles up and down the fretboard”. I am not sure if it was meant as an insult or a compliment, but I think it is a beautiful description. And accurate. At 1:58 Jerry launches into one of the greatest solos of his career.

I used to sing that song to my kids when putting them to bed as babies. I am fairly certain Jerry would have learned it from his Grandmother as its roots go waaaay back.

Somewhat related…


If not for the alien hearings in congress, Shark Week would have been last week’s theme.

And there are still a few Barbenheimer memes floating around.

This was posted on a meme site, seeking captions…

I responded…

Apologies if that crossed a line for anyone. It is at the upper limit of what I consider allowable. Your Mileage May Vary.

Taking a look at the KNIFE Magazine Event Calendar…

Nothing this week, two next…

Idaho Traditional and Tactical Knife Show

Natural State Knife Show

The following week I will probably run up to this one…

Central Kentucky Knife Club Knife Show

Anything happening in your neck of the woods?

Solid recruiting campaign.

Nobody’s home.

OK, that was bad.

Boat Ugly Fat Fisher.

You are the weakest link.

Rather it be bootlegging Coors Beer.

The race started 45 minutes ago.

Wiener dog races are cool. Wiener Dog Melee Fighting is even better.


A couple of memes for our Ren-Faire friends…

Darrel has the moves.

Everybody should be so lucky.


Speaking of lucky, time for our weekly drawing. We are in the process of giving away a couple of Ocaso Knives Strategy knives.

We have our first winner. Congrats Hocky. I really think you will like it. My full review comes out soon, but it has a lot going for it. American company, American Designer, good “fidget factor”, and made in free China (Taiwan). I will double check which two are available for you to pick from and let you know.

The three other “token holders” – Stuart, Del, and Mark still keep their first tokens, but the rest of you are still in it.

Usual rules apply…you get up to 5 entries per week which are your comments and replies. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I approve them. After that you will be good to go.

Let’s finish strong, shall we?


The sun never sets.

Blade Show socials ftw.

Be afraid.



You should have worked remotely…

This took me a minute…

Americans will use anything other than the metric system.

But he is the goodest boi.

How romantic.

Punctuation is important.

Taxation is theft.

I set my driveway on fire once. You’d be amazed at how many styrafoam peanuts you can dissolve in a N0. 10 can of gasoline.


Or a boat ramp on saturday afternoon.

I want my flying car dag-gummit.

McGregor is a putz.

Number 2.


In fairness, it has been hot out.


It makes things tough in an interview.



Dads rule. Especially their jokes.

Have a good weekend everyone, I need to get back to work…