Weekend Open Thread: Payback’s a you-know-what Edition

Greetings and Salutations fellow People of the Knife. It is Weekend Open Thread and we are loaded for bear.

A couple of weeks ago, our theme was the abortive coup led by the Wagner Group and its recently aborted leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin. Now that Vlad the Exploder has had his revenge, all that is left of Prigozhin are the memes…


Much better.

Of course he did.

I have information about upcoming knife shows, which is considerably less likely to lead to my personal demise.

Taking a look at the KNIFE Magazine Event’s Calendar, the ABS Mid-America Hammer In tops the list. Mark is there, and will be throughout the weekend.

ABS Mid-America Super Hammer-in Bladesmithing Convention

There is the Southern TN Knife Show. I had to look up where Lawrenceburg, TN was as “south Tennessee is not a geographical indicator I had ever seen before.

Southern Tennessee Knife Show

Gateway Area Knife Club Cutlery Fair

Next weekend is is the annual USN Gathering…

USN Gathering XIV

and finally, if you happen to be passing through Maniago, Italy next  weekend…

Now, back to our show.

there are too many current events to meme them all. India literally landed a rover on the moon this week, and Russia crashed one. But it is the “Mugshot hear ’round the World” that drew the most attention.

These are not intended as political commentary on one side or another, nor is it a commentary on the advisability of escalating our already toxic political climate.

Besides, they are pretty funny.

But we aren’t going to dwell on it. Here is this week’s musical number before we get to our drawing, and the non-topical memes.

The Dead Covers Project is mostly videos of patchouli smelling hippy chicks bleating into a webcam. But there are some great bands who have put out some really nice stuff. This is among the best.

Giving Tree Band is based out of Chicago, but I saw them play Barley’s Taproom in Knoxville a couple of years ago. Worth a watch.

It’s a branch. Change my mind.

Weekly drawing time.

I was not quite sure what to offer, but since Mark R is the one I drew, I am going to send him the other Browning Riverstone (small). He won the Black one a while back, but it was intercepted by a porch pirate. So I am sending him the other.

Like Tacos, I will always be there for you Mark.

Please reach out to me and we can strategize about the best way to get it to you.

Next week’s drawing is for a Browning Last Light Combo, which includes a fixed blade knife, sharpener, and firesteel. This will be a single draw winner, so comment away. Your first 5 comments or replies count as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first round of comments will be held in moderation until I have a chance to approve them.


There is a whole genre of “I’d hit that” memes, but they are obviously not usually suitable for these pages, but this one is.


Did Kitt ever catch fire?


source https://www.mavencomic.com/

Wasn’t expecting that.

Convenience Stores

If you thought that was bad…


Yes. Yes, they do.

When Opportunity knocks, drink the beer.

Or don’t…

Just don’t shave your dog.

A touching anecdote.

Edith was a party animal.

Well played.

That’s quite green.

Grateful Bread. Your turn.

The metric system will be the final death knell of America.

Don’t take the last piece.

Just move to San Francisco. Everything is “Free”.

Good question.

“Live a life worth writing about” – Ben Franklin

You have been blessed.

He is whether he was planning to or not.

Will a self-driving car leave you? Will you care?

He also has a Holy Hand Grenade.

Wake up Sheeple!

Of course he will.

You can just assume.

He has filled the moat with ill-tempered sea bass as well.

Get off my lawn.

Charge people for rides of course.


Poor kid.

It is peaceful in the meme minds and hunting fields. I long to return.

So that about wraps it up for this week’s WOT.

Have a good one everybody.