Weekend Open Thread: Pitchers and Catchers Report in 23 Days

…that and the 3-run Homer.

Hey everyone. Another week without a terribly memeable news event, but I came across a cache of baseball memes. Pitchers and catchers report in just over 3 weeks as of this writing. I am for once ambivalent, since as a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Indians, I am now without a team. When I say lifelong fan, I am talking family connections in the Front Office growing up, and Spring Breaks in Tucson with the team. And since some idiot cop killed a fentanyl-addicted criminal in Minnesota (and is rightly going to spend much if not all of his remaining life in prison for it), the team “had” to change a name that honored the memory of Louis Sockalexis and Napolean Lajoie.  I am not so obtuse as to not understand why Wahoo had to go, even if I disagreed. But the name change is virtue signalling bovine-excrement, and I will not support Dolan’s idiocy.

I will probably gravitate towards the Cubs, since Knoxville is home to their AA club, the Tennessee Smokies. I’ve seen a couple of games at Wrigley, my daughter and I go to a handful of Smokies games a year, and the team is moving downtown in a couple of seasons. The hole in my soul is too big to abandon baseball entirely. It is a beautiful game, but the “Guardians” are dead to me.

As an Indians fan, I hate the Braves with a passion. But the Rotation of Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz was the most dominant of my lifetime. And Maddux is one of baseball’s GOATs. He could paint a strike zone like few have ever done.

Legit plan. Especially if the burglar is a pigeon. For those who don’t get the reference…

I love baseball.

And I hate the effing Yankees.

As I said, not many themed memes this week. But these would have worked last week.

The CDC recommends More Cowbell.

“Enjoy Every Sandwich”…

Not funny. Really sad actually. Zevon was the man. He belongs in the Hall.

This next one is really Meta.

Obviously, SHOT Show was this week. It is followed by the Tactical Knife Invitational and Las Vegas Custom Knife Show.

Something is hinky with the website Event Calendar. Will get it fixed next week.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

As far as not stupid prizes…

Cmeat is the winner of the classic switchblade calendar.

Which brings us to the second Spartan Astor. Once again, it will be a 2-token prize, meaning that your first draw gets you a token. You need to be drawn twice to win the knife.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies count as entries into the drawing. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. After that, your comments will post automatically.

Good luck everyone. And now on with the memes…

You can’t unsee that one.


Karen didn’t like that one. She wants to see the Manager.

This one is for Del…

Speaking of Canada, and “Kraft Dinner”

This is the story of my life.

Reminds me of the “Second Rodeo” meme.

This could be a problem.


Seems like everyone has WuFlu. I can’t believe that I haven’t been exposed by this point. Who knows. Life has moved on in Tennessee.

I eat Utz cheesballs with a pair of long tweezers.

Everything is awesome…

Sign of the times.

I am not so sure. I don’t see any discarded ACME boxes.

If I were an eccentric millionaire, this is how I would roll.

I’m in.




I have a buddy who was an E5 in the Air Force. He woke up one morning to find himself a part of Space Force. We give him a little guff.

I consider myself fairly adept with worthless knowledge. But I need to admit that I never had heard of Schrodinger’s Cat before Big Bang Theory.

That is about all for tonight. Have a great weekend everyone.