WEEKEND OPEN THREAD: Problematic costume edition

Back when it wasn’t child abuse to wear masks in school.

Hey Everybody…Welcome to KNIFE Magazine’s Weekend Open Thread. It might not be the highlight of your week, but 9 out of 10 Dentists agree it is the best way to end your week.

Before we convene again, we will have gone through the annual bacchanalia known as Halloween.

Just don’t wear a problematic costume…

We still need to carve our pumpkins. It is 83 degrees outside right now. I have a hard time getting motivated to engage in pumpkin carnage.

Email me pictures of yours (clay(at)knifemagazine.com). I will put together a midweek post.

Speaking of putting together a post of emailed pictures, I still need to post what Hocky sent me from last weekend’s Moran Museum show. I have been busy trying to get my Knife News column written. Press day is next Wednesday.


strangely effective costume.

There are a lot of people cosplaying as Preppers.

Happened all the time in Cleveland growing up.

I think I have shared this one before…

But it is still funny.

What would a “Dia-Beetus” costume look like?

Thank you for the Butterfinger, may I have another?

You need better staff.

Someone should go as a Grammar Nazi for Halloween.

We have ways of making you use the Oxford Comma.


Checking the Knife Magazine Events Calendar…

For those of you around Missouri…

Mt. Vernon Knife Show

There is the one day Art Knife Invitational in Vegas…

Art Knife Invitational

It is Smoky Mountain Knife Works Dealer Rep Weekend.  I went out yesterday, before things kicked off.


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Next weekend is the Pigeon Forge Show, which is a Bruce Voyles Production…

Fall Spirit of Steel Pigeon Forge Knife Show

WKCC In that State Up North…

WKCC State Line Knife Show

And finally the Texas Custom Knife Show…

Texas Custom Knife Show


Other timely and topical memes for your viewing enjoyment…

She’s coming.

I bet you didn’t think that the Brittney/Knife meme would have such staying power did you?

There will be a new one soon. It is a certainty.

Arthur Bryants is overrated.

This one is topical if you are from the future…


We try to make light of the news here in the WOT, and we also try to keep things (mostly) apolitical. But the massacre in Israel transcends politics for me, as I have made clear in these pages the past 3 weeks. (1, 2)  There was a “cease-fire” on October 6th. Israel did not ask for this war.

I am sickened by what I am seeing on the streets of New York and other places. The fact that Jews are being assaulted on the street for no reason beyond their being Jewish makes me seethe. This is not the country that I grew up in. These are not the values I was taught.

While I know that sharing memes is not going to make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but given that I have a voice and platform that reaches beyond myself, I cannot sit by and not plant my flag on the side of the pluralistic democracy that was ruthlessly attacked by a bunch of barbarians who reveled in the slaughter.


Golda Meir said it best…

It seems that day is a ways off yet.

One is free to be critical of aspects of Israel’s behavior, but if you find yourself on the side of those chanting “From the River to the Sea” (an open call for genocide), you might want to ask yourself an important question…


Hamas hides behind women, children, and hostages. Their charter clearly calls for the annihilation of the Jewish State. Unambiguously. With whom are the Israelis supposed to make peace?

Sorry for the buzzkill, but I feel strongly about this. It seems like as insignificant as my writing this is, it is more effective and meaningful than adding a flag in my Twitter bio.

Something needs to change.

Seems like a knife giveaway is just the thing to liven things back up.

As mentioned last week, Rosecraft Blades is the sponsor of our next several WOT Giveaways.

I sent the Physicians Knife to Hocky, to get his honest appraisal of the quality. The rest are up for grabs, with Rick K. winning first pick of the remaining knives.

FWIW, my wife has already stolen my purple Awanata (the small blue wharncliffe slipjoint), and we have a red one hanging by the shipping station in the office for easy availability when needed. There is reason it is Rosecraft’s best seller. It is just a useful little knife.

Usual rules apply. up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, new commenter’s get double credit/entries, and if you are new your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve the first round. Good luck to you all.

For this week’s musical selection, I chose the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

I have been a huge fan since my days on camp staff, where my buddy John introduced me to them. I have never been a huge concertgoer, but I saw them in Columbus in college when I drove a bunch of carless freshmen to see the show in exchange for a ticket.


Rascal King was probably their most successful commercial song, though I could be wrong. Where did you Go? is in the movie Clueless was a big one, as is the song I chose to close things out at the bottom of this post – Someday I Suppose. But that comes after the rest of the memes.

Learning the Force obviously.

Anyone watch last week’s Tennessee/Alabama game?

Anyone want to guess how it went?

Have you seen the logo for Randy Johnson’s photography studio?

Some heroes don’t wear capes.

Avoid the Noid.

Screen Time and a Pizza Party.

My favorite meme of the week…

Peace was never an option.

You thought that was bad…

That is worse.

A close second.

My daughter sent that to me, and said I would do that. She isn’t wrong.

Poor guy. He just wanted to send you money.

“May you be touched by his noodley appendage”.

Don’t run.

Walk without Rhythm.

Soylent Green is people.

I thought it was made from Tony Hawks.

I can’t unsee it either.

Mmm. Liquid hot magma.


It is a big commitment.

The struggle is real.

That is about all for now. As always, it is a labor of love.

You are welcome to try…

Have a good weekend everybody.