Weekend Open Thread: Social Breakdown Edition

Howdy fellow People of the Knife, it’s that time again – Weekend Open Thread time. It might not be the highlight of your weekend, but like a Rick Astley meme, we won’t ever let you down.

I couldn’t pass up the segue, but our opening meme salvo deals with Schmuckerberg and the great Meta Crash of 2024.


I was in the office, and wasted 20 minutes trying to change my password before I saw, on TwitX ironically, that it was a widespread outage.


I never lost my mind though…

Funny that that one got recycled from the Great AT&T outage of a couple of weeks ago.


It would be an improvement.

My wife said that very thing.

We didn’t deserve Tom.


No shows that I am aware of this weekend, but there are 3 next weekend. These include the Spring Pigeon Forge Show – a J. Bruce Voyles produced show. Mark will definitely be there. I may drop by, but I have cooled on traditional pocketknife collecting since getting burned a few times in a row.

Spring Spirit of Steel Pigeon Forge Knife Show

Texas State Knife & Tomahawk Championship

NCCA One-Day Knife Show

Our first musical selection is by a group that is responsible for some of the most creative videos ever to hit youtube. OK GO hit their peak about 5-6 years ago (I think our second selection actually debuted in a Super Bowl add. They haven’t done much I am aware of in the past several years.

There is actually a second video for this same song, which is pretty awesome as well.

That is actually the marching band from the University of Notre Dame. It is a catchy tune, and the videos are fun.

This Taylor Swift meme is the gift that keeps on giving…

A few more before we get to our drawing.


No lowball offers.  I know what i’ve got.

Get off my lawn.

Hear me out…

Turning to our weekly drawing…

Our knife giveaway is a “Two Token” drawing. Cmeat joins Zach S as a “token holder”.  They just need to be drawn one more time. But the rest of you are still in it. You need to be drawn twice though. Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, and you need to be drawn twice to win the knife. If you are new to the blog, your comments will be moderated until I can approve the first batch. From then on, you will be good to go.

Moving on…

Analysis: True

We have one of those sewing kits.

Talk about a failure to launch.

That seems like a problem to me.

I am pretty sure that is how that went.

Wor-shus-sure? Wharchester? silly English…

We used to build things that lasted until the engineers showed up.

And bureaucracies like OSHA. Who need’s ’em?

I think that is related.

Surprised a few odd socks didn’t show up.

Congrats Dolf. Happy to have you as a countryman. But the meme is funny.

Mind Blown.

Absolutely true.


Don’t see a lot of Ringo, but that is pretty true.

Follow me for more motivational advice.

The answer is Tuesday.

Hi Del !

Be someone’s inspiration.

Like last week’s Data vs Data.

Follow me for more nature facts.

I wouldn’t chance it, be afraid.

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball”


Also in art memes…

They’d have been much happier.

Good advice for the anti-social.


Keep it classy.

Tacos will always love us.

He has a point.

Fire breathing cats are terrifying.

They throw great pizza parties.

Be safe everyone…


It angers and saddens me that I am not yet able to retire this next section of the WOT. However, as I have since October 7th, I continue to use my platform to support the people of Israel as they fight to eradicate Hamas. The IDF released the video below in recognition of International Women’s Day. (Warning: Graphic)


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If they weren’t using rape as a weapon, which is a black-letter war crime, then why would they need translations of those particular phrases?

I stand with the liberal Democracy that is the State of Israel. There can be no compromise with perpetrators of such barbarity.

It is hard to return to humor after something like that. But the folks at PreOccupied Territory are doing yeoman’s work in trying.

You can click the image to read the article. Very Babylon Bee-esque.

This is pretty funny too…


Well, funny in the meme sense, it is unfortunately largely true.

At any rate, now that some levity has returned, here is our second (or 3rd) musical number…

As I mentioned, I think that may have been a Super Bowl ad. I love the song.

I am a pioneer on the frontiers of feral zonkitude.

I do my best.  Have a good weekend everybody.