Weekend Open Thread: Stop Pumpkin Poaching Edition

Those poor pumpkins. almost as bad as when you see a wantonly wasted steelhead or salmon hen that was gutted for its roe and discarded. Del will understand. That is even worse than fishing over redds.

Welcome fellow People of the Knife to the latest Weekend Open Thread. As the leaves begin to change and the mornings grow cooler, Pumpkin Spice season is upon us.

I am sure our friend Jason K. is forced to brew one at Solera Brewery , but I hope he feels guilty about it.

Pardon the profanity. But the meme isn’t wrong.

None of the above please.

Obviously British Royal Family memes are still going strong.

My wife works for Bush’s Beans, and that completely baffles her.

For those of you who don’t know, the meme is a South Park reference. All Canadians look similar on the show.

The Queen’s passing has affected everyone differently…

Both outside and inside of the Royal Family…

Of course his daughter in law has a different request…

Ouch.  That meme is pretty dank. But not as dank as this.

Without any meme-segue presenting itself,  I am going to jump right into this weekend’s Events Calendar…which doesn’t have anything listed.

Lehigh Valley and an Exhibition in Nashville take place next weekend.

Lehigh Valley Knife Show (fall)

Arts in Metal Premier Art Knife Exhibition

Figured I would plug the former because KNIFE Magazine Staff Correspondent Bryan Wyszkowski is part of the team that saved that show after the death of long-time promoter Bill Goodman. Since I plugged that one, I figured why not do both?

California energy crisis memes are still shining bright, even if Cali’s lights aren’t.


Looking as people flee the state in droves.

Hopefully those that move here do not vote for the policies that made them leave.

Enough of that, and onto the VZ Grips G10 dagger giveaway.

As I like to say when I share the WOT to our Facebook Page, “Come for the memes, stay for the giveaway”. So here we go.

Del is our first token holder, having been drawn via Random.org. It takes two tokens to win this interesting defensive tool.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies to this post will count as your entries. You need to be drawn in two non-consecutive weeks to win. The first win gets you a “token” towards the winning the knife.

I return you now to our regularly scheduled memeing.

Ukraine memes have tapered off, but every now and then a couple of good ones come along.

I do fear what a wounded bear might do though.

Speaking of bears…

Oh Bother.

That is an all-time great that was dredged up in this week’s trawl.

This is another.

Boom. Rickrolled.

Some of you will need me to explain that.

Dad Jokes are easy to understand.

At least I warned you.

Only kind of a dad joke, but this next one is my favorite meme of the week either way.

Sounds like a Steven Wright or Mitch Hedberg bit.

This was a close second.

What could possibly go wrong?

Some people are special.

But their elders can be pretty stupid as well.

Is it just me or is he tightening it? Maybe he is just trying to snap it off.


Life was better back in the day…

Of course everything wasn’t better.

The struggle is (was) real.

But don’t give up.

This is true…

“Hey Y’all!” – Tinkerbell (probably)


For the win.

Nope. You can’t unsee that.

It is enough to keep you awake at night.

Truly terrifying.

On that happy note, I’m gonna crack a Guinness. Have a good one y’all.