Weekend Open Thread: The Meme Harvest Edition

Howdy folks, Happy Friday…

Another week seems to have flown by. It was the first full week of School for the kids and we are settling into our fall routine. I am looking forward to the start of football, college in particular. I heard the dead-name-walking Indians got throttled 17 to 0 last night. Good. I want to see them return to the depths of mediocrity. I am actually ashamed of the city of Cleveland for how little pushback the team received for changing the name. So I am done with MLB. I will keep watching bus-league baseball in person though.

So, what do you all have planned for the fall. For now most knife shows have remained scheduled, though that is getting a bit shakier.

This weekend brings the rescheduled Dalton Roadshow and Arkansas Knife Shows.  Mark is attending the latter. He will be wearing a blue shirt.

Dalton Georgia Knife Roadshow

The Arkansas Knife Show

I am thankful to be living in Tennessee, which isn’t going bonkers over the whole Delta thing. I feel badly for those who aren’t lucky enough to live where sanity prevails.

Or, if you prefer…

I don’t know how many of you watch South Park, so the reference might slide past you.

Blending WuFlu and current events…

We try to avoid political memes, but this and the next one were really good, and Cuomo is a terrible human being. And his state is the second worst in the nation in deaths/million. But Florida is going to kill us all.


One last Wuflu related meme…

Someone with a degree in “Design” came up with that. I hope I didn’t underwrite their student loans.

I figure I will knock the contest stuff out before getting on with a blast of memey randomness.

Cmeat is the winner of the drawing. I had an idea.  This week’s prize was print backissue, Goins Encyclopedia, Website Membership or a Military History Reference Guide. Cmeat is already a Premium Member, and I am pretty sure I have sent him at leas one of those books, I am going to add an extra option.

I have a couple of Vero Engineering knives to give away, but they are really too expensive for a straight drawing like this. So Cmeat has the option, as does this week’s winner, of choosing to forgo their prize in favor of a “win token”. The first reader to win twice will get their choice of the Veros. I will keep giving this option until we have a winner. I hope that made sense. If not ask in the comments.

Standard rules apply, 5 comments/replies count as your entries. If Cmeat chooses to let it ride, he gets to enter this week as well.

Ok, on with the memes…

I’m guessing she was blonde.

If only.

Better than “rectal use only” stickers on cucumbers. There was a meme with that a while back.

Speaking of a while back…

Better than this unfortunate circumstance…

This one is in honor of Noelle, our graphic designer, who is a reptile person.

Neither do I.

That is about it for now. Have a good one everyone. The weekend will be over soon enough.