Weekend Open Thread: Times are Tough Edition

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen. Or just gentlemen. We don’t get any ladies chiming in. I wish we did. As much as I have loved getting to know our Open Thread regulars, I would not be disappointed to see a few more folks leaving comments. If you have any ideas of how to bring in more people (of either gender), I am all ears.I am working on a few ideas as well.

Oddly specific. Anyone want to talk diesel engines?


My Great Uncle was a mountain of a man who was a Father and Grandfather rolled into one to me, was a “Warsh Cloth ” guy. My brother and I used to make fun of him, saying he would “warsh the sarsage”.

I am a soda guy. Which actually makes me the oddball in my midwest-transplant family.

I am late getting this finished since I drove my 8th grade daughter to the first Knoxville Catholic football game of the year. She wasn’t there to watch the football game. I visited with some of the parents I knew from the lacrosse circuit, and watched most of the game.




Actually it made me feel old.


One thing I am not going through right now is the Central Kentucky Knife Club Show. But Mark is. It is actually the first show I ever took my daughter to, shortly after I started working at KNIFE.

Central Kentucky Knife Club Knife Show


Be sure to check out our Events Calendar to see shows in the coming weeks. Let’s be honest,  by the time I am posting this on Friday night, it is likely too late to alter your weekend plans. It is best to look ahead.

Leave the Open Thread to the memes.

That cat gets around. Apparently, he needed a week off.

Getting to this week’s drawing, Mark R. joins Cmeat as our second token holder in our Work Sharp Mk2 drawing.

Two tokens are required to win the Work Sharp Mk2. Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies on this post are your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I approve them. From then on you can post at will.

The rest of the memes are pretty random. Just stuff I found funny. I usually try to string them into a cohesive flow. Tonight that is not going to happen. It is getting late, and I need to wrap this up.

So it is just going to be a shotgun blast of memey goodness…

I am a devotee of the Oxford comma. And sandwiches.

Those are just wrong. And this is just savage.

If Joe Flowers were a movie:

You can get your degree for this next one by doing your research online.

Of course there are always Star Wars memes..

Star Wars, Star Trek, same thing.

Or Lord of the Rings.

And another…

Parenthood in an image.

And my childhood in one…

I never watched the Power Rangers. They were after my time.


No good segue…

Checks all the boxes…

Trash Pandas are awesome.  As long as you have the right garbage cans.

We just began t full remodel of the kids bathroom this week. An by we began, I mean our contractor started the demo on thursday.

That is about it for me. I am toast.

Have a good one all.