Weekend Open Thread: Top o’ the Weekend To Ya

Top o’ the Weekend to Y’all.

For once I realized that there is meme-worthy holiday before my next open thread. And St. Patrick’s is definitely memeworthy.

Don’t forget your pants.

If you pass out in the bathroom, you won’t drink and drive.


Speaking of stereotypes…


Samuel L Jackson approves…

Nothing going on on the Knife Show front this weekend. Next weekend looks busy though, with Hammer-ins, Pigeon Forge show, and others.

While I am on housekeeping stuff, I want to apologize for the somewhat sparse newsfeed this week. It was press week, and it is our annual New Knives from SHOT article. Which means I had several thousand words due, and I didn’t even attend SHOT. Makes for a lot of time online trying to look up product information for knives that aren’t even online yet in many cases.

There is a lot going on besides St. Patrick’s day. I can’t decide if the above is more crazy or depressing.

It is enough to kill your buzz.

I’d also get Dijon Ketchup…

My family will obviously weather the gas price hikes, but I feel badly for folks whose budget is tighter than my own.

Just two weeks. We promise.

We are going to need a bigger planet.

It really is top-notch doom.

Funny how these Open Threads evolved from a chance to share upcoming knife shows to dedicated meme threads. This came about when all the knife shows cancelled. The memes were a fun way to keep things going and spirits light.

Speaking of lightening spirits, Cmeat is our first token holder for the AD-15 drawing.

Usual rules apply for a “2 token” drawing. Up to 5 comments or replies on this post are your entries. If you are drawn once you become a “token holder”. Then a second draw wins the knife.

If you are new to the blog you comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. After I do, your comments will post at will.

One can only hope.


I just hope he doesn’t try to take the whole world down with him.

Sit down, chill out, and have a Snapple.

Our media is doing a fantastic job. Top rate. Really. They are. Don’t you believe them when they say they are? Do you have a problem?

The rest of these are not themed. I just found them amusing…

Something is off with that milk.

Probably even 2 of them.

In the same vein as the tiny stop sign last week.

The struggle is real.

Oldie but a goodie.

This one took me a minute. How long did it take you?


There is a reason the aliens won’t come visit…

Or rather, reasons.

I was an anthropologist. The above is mostly true.


I am writing this last paragraph from a hotel room in Georgetown, KY. My family and I are on our way up to Cleveland for my niece and soon to be Goddaughter’s baptism on Sunday. We were not supposed to leave until the morning, but they upped the potential snowfall to 6″ in Knoxville, with more on the plateau getting up into Kentucky. So we left 12 hours early. it started raining/sleeting as we crossed into Kentucky, transitioning to snow about Lexington. from there it went to crap pretty quickly. It has stopped snowing recently, and I would assume that 75 will be among the roads that will be clear by the time we depart.

That is about all I have for now.  I will leave you with an Irish Toast:

May those who love us, love us;
and those that don’t may God turn their hearts.

If he does not turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles,
so we may know them by their limping.

Have a good weekend all. May your dreams come true.