Weekend Open Thread: Tricked Out Edition

Greetings and salutations everyone. Anything happening this week?

We just got done carving pumpkins tonight. What is your favorite pumpkin carving tool? I use a keyhole drywall saw. Vastly superior control, and a non-slip handle.  I have used it for years.


Of course Halloween falls on a Saturday with Daylight Savings and a Full Moon, because we needed an extra hour of 2020.


2021 looks to be starting out craptacularly, if you missed it, January’s SHOT Show cancelled. This is not a good thing for either the gun or knife industries. Companies are going to need to get creative to get their products exposure, maybe this will lead to an uptick in advertising, which would be a silver lining. Between show ads cancelling, and belts tightening at production companies, we are feeling it.

Here is a different take on it:

While technically we could be considered “influencers” in that we are highlighting products online and on social media, but that really is of secondary importance. And we don’t make money directly from social media. With 40 years in print, KNIFE Magazine has a different niche, and is treated differently by companies. Having been a pure blogger back at TTAK, I have experienced this difference firsthand.

For me the SHOT cancellation means another 6 months without seeing industry friends, whom I have already not seen in a year. That is what sucks about Blade and SHOT cancelling. I could care less about a couple of swag knives. (Well, maybe a little)

We are going to need to get creative as well. I foresee a bunch of Zoom calls in my future, with many different companies. I will probably be publishing individual virtual booth visit posts, which will probably generate some traffic at least. It will be interesting.

People need to improvise…

There are many changes this year…

On the plus side, I do have a Work Sharp Tribrasive Benchstone Knife Sharpener to give away.

It is slightly used, in that we demoed it around the office, and I wrote about its release in Knife News in a print issue earlier this year.

It is a nice little unit. The rotating “TriBrasive” platforms are a nice feature, and setup and use are simple and quick.

I will draw a comment at random, and as always you can enter up to five times with comments and replies. Comment on something I have discussed, the election, my meme game, the End of the World, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Finally, this meme is off topic this evening, but it is the best thing I have seen all week.

If you get that on a password reset, you’re screwed.

Have a good weekend everyone.