Weekend Open Thread: Waiting Patiently Edition

Howdy folks. It’s Friday. Again. This week actually flew by. It tends to do that when you have appointments scheduled on your days off. It was car repairs and taxes, so it wasn’t a good time, but I feel like monday was just a blink ago.

Speaking of seeming like it was just yesterday…

Not much in the way of non-political but topical memes. Just a couple of Ukraine ones.


I swear I didn’t go looking for Princess Bride memes, they just kind of found me.

But after last week I couldn’t not put them up here.

This week, there are a couple of shows, and they are good ones.

Tar Heel Cutlery Club Show

Badger Knife Show

The gentleman I bought this knife from last week will be at the latter, since he lives in Janesville. I forgot to share it here.


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I forgot to share that here this week. But you all follow our instagram right?

I just drew Del for his first prize token. In case you missed it, we are giving away a Cold Steel AD15, and you need to be drawn twice to win. So far, Cmeat, Jason K, and now Del are token holders.

Up to 5 comments or replies on this post are your entries. If you are drawn once you become a “token holder”. Then a second draw wins the knife.

If you are new to the blog you comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. After I do, your comments will post at will.

I’d carry it.

That is about all the business for this week. I know this is shorter, but it was a down meme week as I mentioned. But this one is pretty profound…and a bit icky.

Well this escalated quickly…


Legit. I did have it coming.

Almost as good as the pitch for Hogan’s Heroes.

And stop calling me Shirley.

Everyone pretty much knows about this. The video was “next” up in my suggestions and I bit. I had forgotten how utterly hysterical this is.

I am not old enough to remember it, and am certainly glad I was not around to watch.

Times are tough. Good jobs are hard to find.

He needs a KA-BAR.

Valid hypothesis.

I spent 3 hours doing a 2 minute plank one time.

Brace yourselves. Easter is coming.

Werewolf Jesus plays by different rules.

Maybe Jason can set up a boutique in his brewery.

A nice warm bed. And no alarm clock.

The struggle is real.

I hate it when the History Channel screws things up like this.

I agree. The Jeep is a dead giveaway.

Ok, a little political on that one. But seriously. That attitude chafes me. But our betters know what is good for us. We will comply and like it.

That cracked me up. But this hits a little close to the mark.

Sounds like a plan.

We had to cancel lacrosse practice Wednesday, and we have three games tomorrow. Should be interesting. It is good to be doing things.

Whelp…that is all the memes for this week. Have a good one everybody.

Have a great weekend folks.